, an online platform to cast opinions on important issues seeks funding on Indiegogo is an online platform that allows the people to express their opinions on the issues that need attention. The platform has now launched a crowdfunding on to fund the development of the Wikivoters app, that will make it more accessible to a larger number of people around the globe. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $75000 that will cover the cost of app development and marketing of both website and the app.

Wikivoters is created with one major goal to raise awareness about a situation or an issue that needs to be corrected. Using the analytics available to show traffic flow, individuals and organizations will be able to see what majority of the people think about a situation. This will set out a word to the government who will not be able to ignore a bad situation when presented with the statistics showing the feelings of the voters.

The platform Wikivoters is created by two friends with a common passion to make a difference and do something better for the world. Both having worked in advertising industry for several years have realized they needed to do something for the good of humanity and eventually came up with an idea to create Wikivoters, a platform that enables the users to post photos or videos of the matters they want to bring into light and ask for public’s opinion on it. What makes this platform stand apart from the other similar platforms is that the voting is completely transparent, showing the number of votes that have been cast.

The proposer has access to a unique “Insights Page” that works in real-time to show the age group, sex, location and nationality of those taking part in the voting process. This information can also be shared collectively on social media, the press, TV or to those who could bring a change without compromising individual information of the users.

Wikivoters was a combined effort of the two friends who put all their hardwork and money into creating it but now for developing the app, they’re seeking support from the masses. By bringing all the major functionalities of the website to the app, they aim to invite more users to participate and contribute to making a change. The topics posted on the platform and app can be of national importance, local concerns or even a humorous one.

The success of the fundraiser will ensure that the Wikivoters app is created for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The backers can also earn a variety of perks such as the beautiful magnetic globe cum puzzle game, water powered sustainable alarm clock etc. More information about the campaign can be found on

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