WHEREVER RELEVANCE IS PRESENT is the first written prose by Author Donna Hodge Harper.

In times past, Donna has lived an imbalanced lifestyle, as she would religiously and selflessly give of herself to others often leaving herself out of the equation.  This was her way of prioritizing and defining relevance everywhere else (especially in others) except for within herself.

An avid believer that experience is the best teacher, Donna’s growth exhibits and encompasses a wealth of gained knowledge, wisdom, and insight from particular life lessons.  Her experiences have afforded pertinent information that she cherishes and now shares with her readers. Donna states, “I am every woman in this book!” She tells her story so vividly that one could imagine being virtually sitting with her on a sofa, or, as she takes you by the hand, brings you into her world as you travel with her on her journey while she shares her story and bares her soul to the world.  Her story contains many of the things that we face in our day to day lives. This book will keep you engrossed as you read from page to page.  Wherever Relevance is Present is a must read!

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Donna is a Certified Paralegal and a Certified Nail Technician.  She is the mother of a daughter and son, and the grandmother of two grandsons.  Wherever Relevance is present is a memoir traveling through the life experiences of a woman who ultimately triumphs!

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