Dealer Industries partners with Verenia to create unique online shopping experience

Leading supplier of automotive, Dealer Industries, partners with Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and B2B eCommerce software solutions provider, Verenia, to enhance online shopping experience for customers

CHICAGO – February 16, 2018 – Dealer Industries is one of the leading providers of automotive supplies, and the company recently announced its partnership with Verenia, another industry leader in the IT sector. The partnership is aimed at implementing Verenia CPQ for NetSuite (fka Sole CPQ) into Dealer Industries’ system to ensure improved online shopping experience for its customers.

The partnership deal will see Dealer Industries importing its product catalog into the Guided Selling module offered by Verenia CPQ for NetSuite. The application of this system and the ultimate goal of the partnership are to create a perfect online shopping process for customers, consequently improving customer satisfaction. The partnership also reiterates the commitment on the part of Dealer Industries to offer only top of the line products and services as well as become a leader in the industry.

Verenia is one of the leading business solutions providers in the IT sector, offering a wide range software application solution to businesses, particularly B2B eCommerce businesses. Therefore, the partnership between the two giants is coming at the right time, particularly with the increase in the popularity and acceptance of online shopping across the globe.

Dealer Industries needed a solution that allowed for the easy maneuvering of their online catalog for their customers. After a dozen years of being a customer of NetSuite, it became imperative for Dealer Industries to integrate the solution into their system and this is where Verenia was needed. Verenia CPQ for NetSuite product was identified as the jigsaw to complete the puzzle.

Verenia’s Guided Selling module was able to use Dealer Industries’ existing catalog through NetSuite, providing a system that allows customers to search through the products offered by Dealers Industries effortlessly.

It gets even more exciting for Dealers Industries as the solution is already in the NetSuite system, eliminating the need for any sophisticated or time-consuming integration. Verenia has continued to stand out from others in the industry, and this recent partnership is a testament to this claim.

About Dealer Industries

Dealer Industries has been serving the Automotive Industry since 1976. Located in Texas, the company is a leader in the industry, serving car dealers and professional car washes. Some of the products the company specializes in include aftermarket parts, car accessories, and janitorial products. Dealers Industries prides itself on providing businesses with top quality products and services.

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About Verenia

Verenia is a leading provider of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and B2B eCommerce software solutions that are not only tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses but are also easy to implement while integrating into existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms. One of the unique solutions by the company is the Verenia CPQ, which was designed to create error-free and professional sales quotes and orders for customized products accurately on any device, from anywhere, anytime. Some of the organizations that currently use the solution include Yamaha Company G3 Boats, Freedman Seating, Yates Cylinders, KingFisher Boats, and SoundOff Signal.

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