Venus Rev It Up Smoothies Launches smoothie jump start plan

Why burn yourself out with more fad diets and unhealthy food restrictions when you can use an effective, healthy, plant-based program with proven results? Venus Rev It Up Smoothies is packed with a variety of sumptuous smoothie recipes that make it easy to sip your way to healthy weight loss and wellness. You can look forward to increased energy, better sleep, and a renewed outlook.

Within days of enjoying these Super Nutritious Smoothie recipes, you will find yourself experiencing:

  • Weight Loss – Watch the fat disappear by spending only a few minutes a day to get the body you have always dreamed of
  • Renewed Energy – You’ll find yourself sustained from morning to night with a steady level of energy, including more mental clarity
  • Refreshing Sleep – Wake up revitalized and ready for your day
  • Renewed Youthfulness – Vibrant, healthy skin and hair
  • Detoxification – Release toxins that make you feel sick and sluggish.

Inside you will find:

  • Over 70 recipes that are easy to follow and only take 5 minutes to prepare
  • Special thermogenic and superfoods to boost fat burning and Rev Up your metabolism
  • Time-saving strategies so you can turn your refrigerator into a healthy grab and go vending machine
  • Blender review recommendations and more…

You’ll enjoy healthy and delicious chocolate smoothies, green smoothies, fruity and spicy recipes that will help you melt away the pounds and keep them off for good! Join the Smoothie Revolution! You got this!

About the author

Debra Jacobson, author of VENUS REV IT UP SMOOTHIES, has always been passionate about finding ways to integrate healthy sustainable lifestyle habits into busy and demanding lives which are common factors that challenge most people daily. Having worked in the health industry for many years as a Wellness store owner that provided Organic products, educational seminars, and a clinic for Holistic practitioners that offered an overall well-rounded approach to health and healing, Jacobson saw countless lives impacted in positive and significant ways. After delving into studies in nutrition and herbology as well as working as a fitness trainer and ski coach, Jacobson decided to take it to the next level by hiring a Women’s Master’s champion to train her for a physique competition. Jacobson lost a significant amount of weight and experienced a major body change but found the extreme diet and intense workouts too restrictive and difficult to maintain. Wanting to discover a method for sustaining a healthy lifestyle without added stress on her joints and the rigors of fad dieting, she naturally began to investigate how eating a healthy, balanced diet could provide her with a more realistic and holistic approach to the weight loss she was seeking from the start. After extensive research Jacobson was able to collaborate with doctors, dietitians, nutritionist, and trainers in order to develop VENUS REV IT UP SMOOTHIES as a practical guide that can help you to melt away the pounds and increase your energy as well as experience, detoxification, better sleep, and a healthy sustainable weight loss that is simple, effective, and easy to implement into even the busiest of lives. All you have to do is hit the start button on your blender and you’re on your way to a healthier more balanced diet.

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