Xtroneum® decentralized mobile telephony blockchain ICO unfolded by Xtroneum Labs


The first universal decentralized mobile telephony hybrid blockchain technology that disrupts & integrates the application layer protocol with the transport layer protocol referred as Xtro™ Protocol & Xtro-AP™ in a way that they function separately yet gives the same result but in a manner that is instant, real time and untraceable with Mobile telephony blockchain as a service (MTBS™).

The 2018 extraordinary ICO for presales on the way by  Xtroneum® mobile telephony blockchain Labs.


XTRONEUM® labs is a regulated organization driven by an researchers & entrepreneurs of University of London, UK engaged in research and development of 5th Generation mobile technology , IOT & its co-relation with blockchain technology to help evolve the emerging technology to a useful productive level with focus on personal area network & industrial applications.This new innovation will change the course of current POS/POW Hybrid Blockchain into new era.


Xtro® also referred as decentralized mobile telephony blockchain is developed as standard protocol for Xtroneum. It will be the first ever protocol that merges the hybrid transport layer with the application layer by converging Mobile telephony Network with blockchain technology. The Xtroneum application is based on ten billion global virtual MSISDN’s (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number) backed by xtroneum coins to be traded on exchanges which are generated at backend of application for each subscriber. Every Xtro virtual MSISDN or Mobile Telephony Number is mapped with the existing MSISDN’s on application layer under the developed protocol. In parallel the blockchain transaction ID is mapped with the virtual MSISDN. It will solve the below key issues in the current blockchain ecosystem.

  • Mobile Telephony Network to be decentralized with Global virtual Xtro MSISDN’s.
  • Resolve undesired long transaction & personal address & ID’s into fixed digits as virtual MSISDN’s.
  • Due to end to end encryption of the application on layer-3 will ensure complete privacy & security.
  • Easy Mobile to Mobile transaction in real time based on virtual Xtro MSISD’s.
  • Congestion in the blockchain resulting in delayed transactions.
  • Multiple cryptoes wallet with fiat conversion functionality.
  • Real time delivery notification and receipt.
  • NFC real time M2M solution.

Each Xtroneum is backed by MSISDN  allocated to each subscriber upon running the application. In parallel Xtroneum is a value-added service for mobile telephony operators that is compatible with each and every operator using 3G, 4G & 5th Generation Mobile technology. Following features are being tested for Xtroneum application

  • Decentralized MSISDN’s on Blockchain.
  • Decentralized Real Time message service.
  • Decentralized Real Time Mobile to Mobile Application call service.
  • Decentralized Real Time Mobile to Mobile Application Video Call service.
  • Decentralized File & Data sharing service.
  • Built in Xtroneum coins storage wallet in App.
  • Real time Mobile to Mobile payment transfer.
  • End to End encryption for voice, messages, data & transactions within one single application technology.

Addressing the Xtro® Protocol & Xtro-AP® Protocol is the two protocol that will be merged to achieve a hybrid transport and application layer which forms the basic structure of the Xtroneum system. And are all powered by the decentralized Mobile Telephony Xtroneum® blockchain that will break the current blockchain bottle necks and issues to evolve into a new era of fintech technology. The conference has been held in Hong Kong to understand the industry and Fintech requirments in Asia specifically. 

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Company Name: Xtroneum Labs
Contact Person: George Michael
Email: media@xtroneum.com
Phone: 00852 30657734
Country: HongKong
Website: www.xtroneum.com