New Science Fiction Novel Planetary Wars: Rise of an Empire Promises Action, Politics and An Interesting Storyline

Fans of science fiction and romance novels are anxious to get their hands on the new novel “Planetary Wars: Rise of an Empire”.  Written by Mary Ann Bernal, a renowned author known for many of her previous works such as The Briton and the Dane and Scribbler Tales, this science fiction novel revolves around Anastasia Dennison, M.D., who does not realize that her husband is a dictator, ruling over the galaxy with an iron fist.

Anastasia denies the existence of any form of suffering in her husband’s empire and instead enjoys the spoils of war that are attained in the upper reaches of Terrenean society.

As her husband continues to amass power, Anastasia must decide whether to continue to assist and support her diabolical husband, Jayden Henry Shaw, or follow her conscience and fight the evil invading her home.

The novel builds upon the story of Jayden Henry Shaw who once rising to power, sets the tone for a major galactic war. Despite his average build, he is charismatic with a charming personality, and is able to do things that many other men could not. Using wit and cunning, he rose in the ranks and managed to attain one of the highest positions as the Deputy Director of the Planetary Governing Body. Gaining the support of ordinary citizens and the military paved the way to plunder the planets in the known solar system.

The novel has amassed quite a bit of attention because of its intricate and interesting story. It is currently available in print and electronic formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Smashwords.

About Planetary Wars: Rise of an Empire

Planetary Wars: Rise of an Empire is written by Mary Ann Bernal – and features Anastasia Dennison who finds out that her husband is a feared dictator, and she must now decide whether to support him on his quest for intergalactic war or stop the evil invading her world.

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