Hayden Cudworth Hailed for Home Try-On Engagement Ring Program

Hayden Cudworth, a leading seller of engagement and wedding rings, has been praised by organizations and consumers for its innovative home try-on engagement ring program. The program allows customers to choose several types and styles of ring, which they will be sent replicas of. They can try these on at home to get a realistic look at the rings they’re considering before making any purchasing decision.

This type of program has been extremely popular among Hayden Cudworth’s customers, who enjoy feeling more freedom and less pressure while selecting an engagement ring. Customers are increasingly expecting to be able try on rings at home no matter who they purchase their engagement or wedding ring from. The convenience and confidence that comes with getting to try on rings at home before committing to one has changed the way people shop for engagement rings.

There are also other trends happening in engagement rings. There are more and more people, including celebrities, who are opting for rose gold, for example. This pink hued type of metal looks strikingly different than more traditional choices like yellow gold, platinum and white gold. The difference is certainly noticeable and more people are attracted to the eye-catching coloration of rose gold. They are choosing rose gold because of the way it stands out compared to other types of metals and for its unique look.

Rose gold pairs well with a vintage style of wedding, which is another wedding trend that’s on the rise recently. Vintage weddings have all the modern touches and comforts, but are dressed up with a vintage feel. Vintage weddings are great for the way they combine beloved traditions with modern elegances for a one of a kind ceremony.

The vintage inspiration is spreading to ring and dress choices as well. The style can impact an entire engagement, starting with the ring choice and going all the way through the ceremony itself.

With these shifts in buying preferences and at home try-ons, customers are becoming more selective about which rings they buy for their engagement. Businesses are having to offer more variety and choice in engagement and wedding rings in order to meet customer demands, while still allowing the flexibility to try multiple rings before committing on a purchase.

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