What Makes a Top PR Agency? 5 Things to Consider

What should be considered when hiring a public relations agency? Lukina Zhu, founder and president of Event Strategy Consulting, offers five points to help every business owner make that decision.

As more and more Chinese businesses expand overseas, the need for a professional public relations (PR) firm is also increasing. A good PR agency can help a company reach new customers and expand its brand to new areas.

The agency does this by utilizing its existing relationships and connections to help build your brand’s awareness and reputation. A good agency will also be well-versed in helping you reach new customers, whether you are in the B2B market, B2C market, or both. 

What should be considered when hiring a public relations agency? Lukina Zhu, founder and president of Event Strategy Consulting, offers five points to help every business owner make that decision. 

Headquartered in New York City, Event Strategy Consulting is a professional PR agency that specializes in building and growing client reputation, establishing a strong brand image, raising awareness through strategic events, securing investor interest through media exposure, and much more.

1. Understanding clients and their needs 

A PR agency can’t help you expand your brand until they fully understand what your brand entails. This level of comprehension is vital to a successful relationship. A good PR agency listens carefully to clients’ stories, and determines how they can direct that message to target audiences in the most compelling ways. Finding the best ways to tell a client’s story is key for any PR agency.

“Keep a close eye on the conversation, keep track of the marketplace activity, and use those elements to help clients best present their brand to the world and media. Mastering the art of communication enables a PR agency to get a client’s story to be heard and understood,” Zhu said.

As an experienced PR expert, Zhu has led the Event Strategy Consulting team to serve clients in the U.S. and abroad. Those clients range from startups to public companies in a variety of industries such as technology, education, fashion and retail. 

“Knowing your clients’ needs and taking them seriously helps a PR agency deliver the best possible outcomes,” she said.

2. Providing best resources for global expansion

Many Chinese companies began expanding their business overseas in 2017. As a company starts a business in a different country, a qualified PR agency in the new market is essential, according to Zhu. 

“Every client’s need is unique,” Zhu said. “We must leverage our local resources that best match each client’s goals. We help expand clients’ brands overseas and provide strategic planning based on local market understanding and resources.” 

Event Strategy Consulting has successfully helped clients get featured on major U.S. publications, such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and many more. “We match clients with journalists who are looking for good stories”, said Zhu.

In order to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and provide entrepreneurs a leadership opportunity at an international level, Event Strategy Consulting helped World Soil-Friendly Farming Association (WSFFA) and its supporter, public company Kingenta Ecological Engineering, organize WSFFA’s press conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

In addition, Event Strategy Consulting partnered with Worldview Global Culture Alliance to invite business leaders and professionals to lecture at top universities in the U.S., including Harvard, Yale, M.I.T., and Columbia University. These lectures offer a great opportunity for Chinese entrepreneurs to capture the attention of new clients, investors, and the public at large.

3. Sincere and honest communication

Mutual respect between a company and its PR agency is formed through an honest and open relationship. An agency should stay true to its values, and take actions to back up what it says. A good relationship is built on one’s good deeds, and the ability of showing openness and trust.

“Our goal is to help our clients grow both their business and their reputation while demonstrating integrity, respect, and sincerity,” Zhu said. “Sincerity is vital for good communication.”

A professional PR agency will be open and honest with you at all times and will not make excuses or distort the truth to its advantage. Seek out an agency that can communicate in an authentic way.

4. Bigger is not always better 

A small professional public relations firm is comprised of a close-knit group of individuals who are all focused on meeting clients’ goals. Small PR agencies are just as effective as larger organizations and can even better suit their clients’ needs. Working with a smaller firm gives clients the opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with the PR team. The agency can often devote more time and energy to each individual client in order to provide excellent service.

“We focus on our clients. Our mission is to help Chinese business and organizations raise brand awareness and reputation overseas through strategic communications, events, and partnerships. Performance and recognition are a big part of our mission,” Zhu said.  “We are striving to break new ground in brand experiences and provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions.”

Small PR agencies often have the same resources as a larger firm, but handle those resources in different ways. A smaller agency may specialize in a particular area and maintain close relationships with clients and media outlets in that niche.

5. Building and sustaining relationships 

Long-term client relationships define a successful business. The ability to build trust, communicate effectively and establish connections is essential for business growth in any industry or location. A good reputation is based on long-term relationships with clients, and a good PR agency should focus on building these kinds of relationships.

A strong PR agency should provide clients a variety of ways to connect with their audiences and present their brands in the ways they want to be seen. These may include media relations, event planning, and social media. The goal is to grow clients’ brands in new markets timely and effectively. “A clear, goal-oriented PR process allows us to build our clients’ reputation and influence quickly and successfully”, Zhu said. 

With strong local resources and market understanding, Event Strategy Consulting is dedicated to helping clients build strong relationships with overseas media, investors, and customers to achieve global brand recognition.

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