New Report on Businesses Joining The Seattle Chamber of Commerce Revealed by Logic Inbound

Businesses in the region are joining the Seattle Chamber of Commerce in order to advocate more effectively, get resources they did to help their business and join a large network of fellow entrepreneurs in the area.

The Seattle Chamber of Commerce is not a government entity, but rather a business association whose members include some of the biggest businesses in the Seattle region. Together with members, it advocates for policies of a city, county, state and national level.

It is therefore not surprising that businesses are joining the Chamber as members. The Chamber offers programming resources as well, such as business forums, guest speakers and networking events. Businesses have found high value in these events and therefore the network of organizations associated with the Chamber has grown over the years.

Some believe that the Chamber only caters to big corporations like Microsoft and Boeing, but there is actually a wide range of organizations involved with the Chamber, including nonprofits, media organizations and agriculture businesses.

Businesses report getting high value out the events run and organized by the Chamber. These events are sometimes members-only, but are often also open to anyone who wishes to attend. The events help extend business networking opportunities and create a community of organizations who can advocate together.

The Chamber’s advocacy comes in many forms. In addition to advocating for policies that advance job growth and hiring in the region, the Chamber also supports educational efforts, transportation and infrastructure initiatives and many others fields of influence.

Starting a business is hard no matter what city or town the business is in. Organizations like the Chamber make some aspects of starting and running a business a little easier through programs, events, networking and community. This has helped growth the Chamber, with more and more businesses choosing to join it to get access to these perks.

Another difficult consideration when running a business is space. Space can be extremely expensive in a city like Seattle. While the Chamber has some resources to help with these kinds of issues, businesses often have to do their own research as well.

Innovative work share companies like Atlas Workbase are offering a new option to businesses. Work share spaces allow for lower costs for office without losing any professional amenities like conference rooms, coffee and keycard access.

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