Vocal Biomarkers Market 2017 – Growth Opportunities by Regions, Type & Application, Trends and Forecast to 2025


Voice being portal of the mind sound wavelength has been used as biomarker for the interpretation of several mental and physical disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, depression and anxiety. This mental & physical state of mind can make one’s word slur, elongate sounds or nasal tone. Lately, researchers have identified similarly unique feature that might have huge impact on setting-up diagnostic tool. This unique feature aids in detecting, recording and analysing the abnormal condition of person and is named as vocal biomarker. Vocal biomarkers are non-invasive tool used to discover diseases by speech characteristics like tone, pitch, sound vibration. They are based on basic phenomenon which states that several neurophysiologic changes, physiological disorders disturb motor control thereby affect speech production by influencing typical feature of the speech.


Market Growth Factors

Increased predominance of physiological, neurological, cardiovascular and other diseases influencing speech include Alzheimer’s disease, Disruptive or compulsive behaviour Disorders, Attention Deficit, depression, anxiety, Huntington’s disease, traumatic brain injury Parkinson’s disease etc. are vital factors driving the growth of the market. In addition, efficient alternative for current diagnostic techniques like X-Ray, MRI or CT-scan which are highly costly demand for cost effective and nom-invasive tool is leading the market to grow in future.

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The global vocal biomarker market segment is made on the basis of type, indication, end-user and region. Based on type the market is broadly classified into vocal rise or fall time, voice tremor, frequency, amplitude, error rate, pitch and others. Depending upon indication the market is separated into neurological disorders (Parkinson’s disease (PD), psychiatric disorders (disruptive behaviour disorders, depression and attention deficit), cardiovascular disorders, respiratory disorders, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and others.by end –user the market is bifurcated into hospitals& clinics, research& academic institutes and other.


Regional Analysis

The regional analysis of global vocal biomarker market is majorly done into-

• North America

  o US

  o Canada

  o Mexico

• Europe

  o UK

  o Germany

  o France

  o Italy

  o Spain

  o Rest of Europe

• Asia-Pacific

  o China

  o India

  o Japan

  o Australia

  o South Korea

  o Rest of Asia-Pacific


  o Brazil

  o UAE

  o South Africa

  o Rest of the LAMEA

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North America is expected to account for largest share of the market in terms of revenue followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. The primary growth factors attributed to this region are people’s understanding about the concept, willingness to spend on health and favourable reimbursement scenario. Other than North America, Europe is predicated to grow significantly owing to suitable government facilities and advancement in technology.


Competitive Analysis

Major players in the global vocal biomarker market are-

  • Audio Profiling
  • Cogito Corporation
  • Sonde Health
  • Beyond Verbal
  • Sonde Health


Beyond Verbal, Inc. is constantly working with mayo Clinic, Scripps and Tel Aviv University to expand its vocal biomarker research into healthcare sector. Mr. Charles Marmar from NYU Langone Healthcare centre has collaborated with SRI International and have conducted long five year study to analyse vocal biomarkers for diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSB), and depression.

Lately in 2016 “Beyond verbal” the emotion analytics company won Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for implying vocal biomarkers to detect health conditions using voice tone.


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