KandyPens, Inc. Reports on Vaping Technology in 2018

The company continues to be a leader in the vape pen industry and has won numerous awards for producing the top devices since its inception, KandyPens.com announces

Approximately 2.750,000 individuals currently make use of e-cigarettes, and this number continues to climb. According to Statistic Brain, electronic cigarette sales increased by more than $1 billion between 2014 and 2015, and more people turn to these devices when they wish for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. In addition, many individuals who have never smoked now try vaping as opposed to picking up a cigarette. Those who do so often choose a vapor pen made by KandyPens, as this company has won numerous awards for their products and is ranked number one for the best wax pens and dab pens on the vape electronics market.

“We are proud to announce Vapor Nation has just named our KandyPens Prism the best vape pen for wax in 2018. In addition, our KandyPens RUBI made the top of the list for the Vapor Nation best vape pen for eliquids list. Awards such as these show our commitment to providing consumers with quality products that offer the features they desire,” Graham Gibson, spokesperson for KandyPens, Inc, announces.

In addition, KandyPens has been recognized by other organizations for their products. Hightimes recently named the Prism vaporizer one of the top ten of 2017, and AZMarijuana.com honored KandyPens with the designation of Best Vaporizer Brand 2017. In fact, Leafly included KandyPens in their 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

“Consumers can buy with confidence knowing our products will meet their needs in every way. Anyone who remains hesitant to make a purchase should contact us to learn more about our offerings. In addition, be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty on batteries. It’s among the best in the industry,” Gibson continues.

Heat-not-burn technology is expected to increase in popularity in 2018, and experts predict vaping may become more common on the big screen. Vaping experiences will become more customized in the coming year, and people will gain a better understanding of the activity and what it involves. These are only a few of the trends to watch for in the coming months.

“Our vape and dab pen collection is designed with luxury and lifestyle in mind. All products function outstandingly and provide the aesthetics individuals want in a device of this type. We continue to monitor advances in the industry and will be providing devices that make use of the latest technology in the very new future. Be looking for these items so you don’t miss out,” Gibson recommends.

About KandyPens:

Founded in 2014, KandyPens creates premium vaporizers sold worldwide.

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