Mrs. X to Release Two New Albums on February 18

New Albums Include Great Pop and Electronic Tunes From a Mysterious Artist

Germany – February 19, 2018 – Pop singer and songwriter Mrs. X will be releasing two new albums on February 18. These two new albums will be entitled DNA – Dance. Night. Absolute. and Pop á la Carte de Luxe. The two albums feature different types of dynamics and include work with many great collaborators from around the world.

The two albums highlight the great work that Mrs. X has been working on over the years. Her work is striking for offering a fine layout with Caribbean and rock influences mixing into her work quite well. This all comes with a great hint of mystery too as Mrs. X has revealed very little about her work or her identity and background.

The two albums Mrs. X is releasing are made with some distinct features that make them among the most exciting albums for people to check out today. Pop á la Carte de Luxe features a mix of electronic and Caribbean guitar sounds. The album itself is produced by Sefi Carmel and includes a variety of international performers with guest appearances by background singers Corel Taylor, Kirsten Rea, Rainieri di Biagio and Emmanuela Gramaglia plus rap stars M.Dwizzy and YYZ.

The first single from the album, 80 Miles Away, is already available. This is part of how Mrs. X has been releasing new content every month. The releases show how she is evolving with her work and what she is doing to make her content more dynamic and exciting for all to hear.

DNA – Dance. Night. Absolute. is the second of the albums. Also produced by Carmel, this album focuses more on dance music. It features some powerful melodies that people will want to get down and dance to. It includes mixes from many DJs from all around the world including O.J.K, Morsy, Trash Dog, Andy Sikorsky and KZNZK. These mixes are made to get people up and dancing throughout the night and focus on her strong melodies.

The work of Mrs. X continues to be intriguing and fascinating for people all around the world to check out. Her newest albums will both be available on February 18 through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and many other streaming and online platforms.

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