Ires Alliston gets nominated for the prestigious Business Woman of the Year Award

Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and founder of the Alliston Group, Ires Alliston, is one of the nominees for the coveted Business Woman of the Year Award.

Ires Alliston is an International Speaker, Trainer, Certified Coach, and multifaceted entrepreneur with expertise across a broad spectrum of platforms. The businesswoman and founder of the Alliston Group was recently nominated for the coveted Business Woman of the Year Award organized by WOMAN ON FIRE (WOF), in recognition of her giant strides and achievements in her chosen field.

Women have often found it difficult to excel in the business environment, with most businesswomen somewhat relegated to the sidelines and subdued by their male counterparts, regardless of their achievement in their chosen path. However, the male dominance of the business world has not hindered the success of some women, as they defy all odds to become leaders in their respective industries. One of such women is Ires Alliston, who has been able to make a name for herself in the male-dominated IT world.

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The Business Woman of the Year Award organized by Woman On Fire (WOF) is an award organized to recognize the efforts and achievement of women in business that have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. Therefore, it is not surprising for Ires to be nominated for the award considering her contributions to the business environment and the society in general.

The Certified Coach with the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team founded the Alliston Group to offer a wide range of digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes and nature. Born in the Philippines and adopted when she was an infant, Ires has always had the vision, mission, and purpose of impacting and empowering people’s lives for the better.

While she faced some challenges growing up, particularly with the fear of rejections and making mistakes, Ires grew out of her shelf after the passing away of her beloved family to become a business owner and an impactful woman in the society.

The versatile entrepreneur founded the Alliston Group as part of her commitment to helping others, providing digital business solutions to organizations. The group specializes in helping gain rapid success in the marketable areas of website design, branding and a wide range of digital marketing needs.

Ires has been able to help business leaders and professionals to enhance their performance and garner exponential success across a vast variety of fields, thanks to her versatile branding expertise. Ires has not only helped businesses by offering digital marketing services through her company, The Alliston Group but also serves as an inspirational speaker to motivate and empower others using her personal experiences.

The certified speaker and trainer has created “Quantum 365 Shift Success Coaching,” where she thoroughly coaches clients by helping and working with them to build even more success in their business and personal life.

Ires Alliston has stood her ground as a force to reckon with in the digital marketing industry and across the board, fully deserving her nomination for the Business Woman of the Year Award.

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