Gold Chef Launches its Revolutionary Grill

One of the golden rules of eating healthy is to choose grilled foods over fried choices and now Gold Chef helps you enjoy grilled food in just few minutes, putting the power of grilling perfection to the tip of your fingers. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect steak. Mouth-watering; outside caramelized crusted; tender and juicy inside… a skill not even the world’s greatest chefs can master… until now.

Gold Chef is a unique and environmental-friendly grill. Visually, the design is timeless, extremely modern and quite impressive just sitting on your kitchen’s work surface. You realize what you’ve got at your fingertips when you turn it on, which is an insane 800°C (1500°F) heat in about 2 minutes: the hottest, fastest and most powerful grill that’s ever been designed for your home. Not only the home: Gold Chef is portable too, weighs only 8 kilos (17.5 pounds), making it ideal for picnics, parties and literally anywhere else where you suddenly have the urge for a succulent, perfectly-grilled food.

Features at a glance

• Easy – Rotating grill-basket with stainless steel mesh for turning and adjusting
• Hot – Vertical burner with surface temperature up to 800°C
• Flexible – Telescopic wave-rack with several grills and warming levels
• Healthier – Juice and fat drip into flavor tray: no PAH contamination
• High Quality – Made entirely of 4301 Stainless Steel
• Self-Contained – Works with internal gas cartridges or external gas bottle

The path to a perfect steak lies in the ultra-high temperature of the grill. This is why Gold Chef puts a full 800°C (1500°F) into your hands, the perfect temperature for grilling your most succulent, juicy and tender steak ever. The inspiration, other amazing French rotisserie grills; Gold Chef is the game-changer that brings back the pure emotion of traditional grilling in front of an open flame.

Gold Chef is not just of beef, it allows for the cooking of whole meals, thanks to its four cooking zones. Flavor tray; ThermoBox; Container; Grill basket, can now be used to prepare the whole of the meal at the same time – the salmon, the corn, the green peppers. Gold Chef side-burner option is a healthier one because dripping juices won’t flare up, creating hazardous fumes, it gives you the opportunity to can see and monitor how the steak develops, it guarantees the better roasting of a steak.

Powered by the safest built-in gas cartridge that last for approximately 2 hours, good for about 20 grilling sessions (based on a large steak taking ONLY 5 minutes). Also connects to a large gas bottle when you prefer. The grill basket has a folding mechanism which can be operated single-handedly and is suitable for any kind and size of food. It can be twisted and turned in a 3D manner and moved backwards and forwards, adjusting the roasting to your liking. There’s even a section for your thermometer so you can ensure the steak is cooked just as you like it.

Gold Chef is seeking support through its crowdfunding campaign to achieve the required funds to finalize the production and produce the first batch of grills to the Indiegogo community. In exchange for contributing to the project at the remarkable reduced cost, backers will not only be the among the first to receive Gold Chef. With that they will be first awarded any other opportunities, feature and additional products through Gold Chef.

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