Eugene Veterinary Vaccination Service For Canine Influenza Service Launched

“West Eugene Animal Hospital in Eugene, Oregon is an award winning veterinarian offering preventive care and emergency services for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies by visiting 1175 City View St Eugene, Oregon 97402 or calling 541-342-5858.”
West Eugene Animal Hospital, an award winning veterinary clinic in Eugene, Oregon with appointments available by calling 541 342-5858, announced it is now offering vaccinations for dogs to combat the canine flu epidemic that is threatening pets in Lane County, Oregon.

In the wake of the canine influenza outbreak that is affecting dogs in Lane County, Oregon, West Eugene Animal Hospital has announced it is offering influenza vaccinations at its animal hospital in Eugene Oregon to help diagnose, treat and prevent the further spread of the canine flu.

More information regarding the canine flu and what dog owners can do to identify symptoms of the canine flu is available at

West Eugene Animal Hospital, winner of The Register Guard Reader’s Choice Award for the past five years has been well known in Eugene, Oregon as a provider of vaccinations for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens for over 45 years. The animal hospital announced it is expanding the dog vaccination services to include a vaccine for the canine flu and provide dog owners a way to screen their pets for canine influenza. Dogs that have received an exam within the past year from West Eugene Animal Hospital will not have to pay for an office visit to receive the flu vaccination.

Dogs who have not received the canine flu vaccine within the past year are encouraged to visit 1175 City View St, Eugene, Oregon, and receive a screening from a veterinary technician and the latest form of the canine flu vaccine which is a two-step process. It is recommended canines be vaccinated if the pet owner is planning to travel outside of Oregon, visits parks, pet groomers or shelters. Exposure to other pets that have the flu could unknowingly expose them to the virus and contract the symptoms that could be life threatening for older dogs with pre-existing conditions.

West Eugene Animal Hospital explains, “the most recent outbreak of the canine flu originated in California but has now spread into Southern and Central Oregon and is affecting dogs at an alarming rate.” The vaccine will help prevent the further spread of the canine flu and into other areas of the United States.

An appointment to receive the vaccination can be scheduled by calling 541 342-5858 or through the website at

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