Sherel Ames’ teaches how to solve family issues in new family TV drama – Fight For The Family

Directed by Sherel Ames and Produced by Real Word Entertainment, Fight For The Family is the new family TV series that chronicles the challenges faced by families and to overcome them

Fight For The Family is a new family television series directed by popular filmmaker, Sherel Ames and produced by motion pictures giant, Real World Entertainment. The unique TV series is an entertaining and informative TV drama that focuses on the issues faced by an average family in the U.S and across the globe.

The family is described as the smallest unit of the society. However, it is also said to be the most important part of the society, as it defines an individual and how the society eventually turns out. Therefore, it is extremely important that every family is as healthy and happy as possible to ensure a happy, healthy and growing community and nation in general. It is however unfortunate that many families face several challenges that make it somewhat difficult for members of the family to turn out great and become responsible members of the society. Many of the issues faced by families are somewhat generic, but no one has paid attention to helping the most important unit of the society resolve these issues. This is where Fight For The Family is unique.

Unlike other television series that are majorly for entertainment without any real life issues that everyone can relate to, Fight For The Family is practicable, informative and helpful. The TV drama talks about the issues faced by many families, illustrating these challenges and how to overcome them in an interesting way that can be easily understood and subsequently implemented by viewers across the globe.

Featuring talented acts such as Carlton Skinner as James Guillory, Toi Ames as Toi Allen, A. Jordan as Aiesha, and Michael Fontenot as Nicholas, the drama centers around two families that struggle with common life subjects like secrets, lies and other such issues and how they fight to overcome them. Other stars in the TV drama include Jaclyn Campbell as Jenessa and Zion Lenton.

The TV drama takes viewers through the unique yet similar journeys of both families as they transited from the perfect family that was the envy of every other person to become a family with several problems that must be resolved, without the outside world knowing.

Directed by the trio of John Ames, Sherel Ames, and Toi Ames, the drama is a standout amongst other television series and is already receiving accolades from its teaming followers and viewers alike. It is therefore not surprising that Fight For The Family has become increasingly popular in recent times, thanks to its unique plot and masterly delivered content by each of the actors and other crew members behind the scene.

Fight For The Family is written by Sherel Ames, Toi Ames, Char’na Dixon, Christina Dawkins, Jerard Johnson, Zion Lenton, and Shazell Taylor.

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