Amazing Generator closes deal with the largest generator manufacturers in the United States (Generac, Champion, and DuroMax).

Amazing generators is a company born from YACTUAL LLC, it was established in 2013. They were well thought of to become major players in the North American market for Generators and power equipment with them having their second biggest market at Puerto Rico, all this was possible because of their consistency and quality.

As a company that sells Portable Generators and inverters Nationwide and to Puerto Rico. Amazing generator has acquired authorized dealership from the largest generator manufacturers in the US (Generac, Champion, and DuroMax) all signed with them as agreements to sell their products online and they have been doing so at a 35% growth month to month.

Amazing generators offer the world’s greatest generators for a greatly competitive price in the US market. They have the best shipping rates to Puerto Rico that no one can match. Ever Since hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it has been named as Generator Island because 50% of the island is still without electricity and depend on Amazing generators.

They grabbed this opportunity and got the best shipping rates to Puerto Rico that simply no one in the market currently have. Their signed dealership agreements give them a great edge in the US portable generator market.

Their expertise comes from operating online business since 2009, knowing how to market, compete, run ads, and get great SEO results all of which are instrumental in any e-commerce business. They also leverage online marketplaces such Amazon and eBay. Furthermore, Amazing generators rely on the great infrastructure provided by their suppliers.

 In 2017 Amazing Generators donated to the people of Puerto Rico in an effort lead by the Boston Federal Reserve Bank 4 Champion Generators to help the victims that needed it the most

“The 3800w is superb and issued the first one to a Baptist Church in Loiza that feeds the community on a daily basis for dinner!” this statement was said by the head of the church in appreciation to Amazing Generators.


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