A Brief Introduction to The World Of Cryptocurrencies: Niobium Coins

Electronic currency, cryptocurrency, and digital coins are steadily becoming the most popular avenue of investment for entrepreneurs around the world. Truth be told, there still exists a great degree of confusion concerning what they are and how they can be exploited for profit.

Cryptocurrencies are just like the traditional currencies, but they are formed and utilized electronically. They can also be utilised as a means of payment on websites and in retail chains. Businesses have also started to accept cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency could be used to purchase a Tesla car, book a hotel room, sell or purchase artwork or even for charity. These are just a few popular examples.

There are many reasons that have made cryptocurrencies such as ethereum coins so popular; such as –

  • One of the biggest reasons behind the most recent booms in cryptocurrency value is that their market worth isn’t so volatile anymore. Though it is true that they are still vulnerable to regular fluctuations, their overall stability has improved greatly since the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin was introduced.
  • Electronic currencies are still quite new, so they have a lot of opportunity for growth. They provide insulation from negative economic phenomena such as inflation and economic failure. There are even arguments that a stable cryptocurrency could serve as a better backup strategy than the conventional method like that of acquiring gold. As the world edges closer to an era of complete digitization, so does the likelihood that cryptocurrency will eventually become the preferred means of transaction.
  • Most cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated by a central body. Though this may seem alarming, it is a great benefit. Users need not have to worry about the fact that a regulator could alter the value of the currency. The fact that they are unregulated also means that there aren’t any transaction fees involved.
  • Besides security, some cryptocurrencies (ethereum) offer added features such as smart contract compatibility. This improves the efficiency of transactions on the platform by eliminating the need for middlemen.

Cryptocurrencies can only be acquired through a digital exchange. Currently, the most popular digital exchange platform is coin-base. It allows users to convert conventional currency to cryptographic equivalents such as ethereum and bitcoin.

Niobium – More Than Just A Digital Currency

Niobium Coin is a safe ethereum-based currency. It is private and easy to use. Ethereum is an open-code technology for smart contracts built on the Blockchain. Niobium is based on intelligent smart contracts, which makes it self-governing and hence eliminating the need for human intervention. Smarts Contracts are resilient to malicious external activities or outbreaks.  Niobium can be linked with a huge number of possible usages, such as the providing insurance.

Niobium  is fashioned on the Ethereum platform to boost the services offered on the platform of the São Paulo Digital Business Exchange (BOMESP).  The main services offered by BOMESP will be charged through Niobium Coins, which will allow its users to rehearse multiple virtual currency exchange operations per second. Niobium can be traded at following venues –

The main advantages of BOMESP that makes Niobium Coins popular in digital currencies market are- 

  • The users are always in control of all of their information and transactions
  • Data available on blockchain network is consistent and accurate and are is available broadly
  • Due to its decentralized nature, Blockchain guarantees reliability and resilience to misuse or hacking
  • Public changes in the Blockchain are transparent and visible to all
  • All transactions are immutable
  • Transaction details are available easily in the distributed ledger
  • Transactions with Blockchain are faster
  • Blockchain reduces cost per transaction by eliminating the need for intermediaries
  • All documents or assets can be articulated in the form of a code and summarized or as a general ledger entry

Blockchain technology has very wide-ranging applications and only a few have been implemented in the real world yet. There is still a long road ahead.

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