Nigerian Cologne Aviation Summit Opens in Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany – Nigeria is to explore bilateral cooperation with the Republic of Germany on how to improve the aviation industry in the West African country.

Nigeria Minister of State Aviation Sen. Sirika Hadiis and a total delegation of 23 members most high level directors and senior executives will visit Cologne from the 19th to 23rd of February for the first Nigeria Cologne Aviation Summit.  New York Business Consultants (NYBC) is hosting the delegation and facilitating the exchange between Nigerian and German government and businesses.  The goal of the ministry is to learn about airport management best practices and to facilitate management expertise and technology transfer between Germany and Nigeria. The aviation sector in Nigeria has tremendous importance not just for the country but for all of Africa. To turn Nigeria´s aviation industry into a world class transport hub is a billion Euro investment and business opportunity.


This is the first time it has been achieved to summon the entire leadership of Nigeria`s aviation industry. All leading decision makers will be in one room to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the aviation sector provides. Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and the largest population so providing adequate transport capability and applying the latest in airport management technology has become a challenge. Nigerian airports received low global ranking in recent times so it has become evident that international experts and companies need to work in partnership to turn the many challenges into business opportunities. The Summit facilitates this dialog, brings the essential stakeholders together and helps to fundamentally rethink the strategy and vision for Nigeria’s aviation industry.

‘It is a great honor and responsibility to host such a unique delegation that resembles the entire leadership of Nigeria’s aviation industry.’ Says Malko Ebers, CEO of NYBC. The summit facilitates high level business exchange and technology exchange and advocates opportunities in infrastructure investment and partnership for and in Africa.


“I believe the Minister and his delegation have to be congratulated for their efforts to seek the best advice, technology and best practices wherever they are. We want to support their advocacy in waking up European politicians and businesses leaders to the enormous opportunities in Africa. Development is only sustainable through partnership,” said Malko Ebers CEO of NYBC.

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