Anchor Wellness Center Practices Functional Medicine: Addresses Causes of Disease and Restores Function in the Human Body

The Woodlands, TX – In The Woodlands, Texas, Anchor Wellness Center is practicing Functional Medicine to help determine, address and resolve dysfunction within the human body. With the goal of helping patients slow down the aging process, stay healthy and live longer, the Center focuses on improving their patients’ health span, with a view to improving life span.

“We will all get old, but we don’t have to be sick and old,” says founder and practicing physician of Anchor Wellness Center, Dr. Minni Malhotra.

Functional Medicine, also known as Root Cause Medicine, incorporates the best diagnostic tools and technologies found in conventional medicine with new and emerging tests and tools.  This combination of resources helps to identify the critical imbalances found at the root of all illnesses.

“We practice patient-centered, not disease-centered, medicine,” says Dr. Malhotra. “Our specific mission is to work with each patient to come up with a personalized treatment plan. Since every patient is different, each treatment plan should reflect that.”

Anchor Wellness Center believes the human body should be viewed as one integrated system, as opposed to a collection of organs.  “Traditionally, modern medicine is very good at acute care,” Malhotra says.  “If you break a bone, for example, modern medicine is great at treating that specific injury.  It’s when we get into treating chronic illnesses that we need Functional Medicine.”

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Functional Medicine is designed to treat the entire system of the human body, not just the symptoms.   By finding the root cause of the dysfunction (disease), the underlying issue can be corrected and symptoms will dissipate.  “We’ve seen a multiple fold increase in chronic diseases in the last 50+ years,” Malhotra states.  “Now, more than ever, we need Functional Medicine to integrate best practices from modern technology with a science-based, patient-centered approach to help our clients feel better.  We want to help all of our patients to slow down the aging process, stay healthy and live longer.”


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