Circle Social to Focus on Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers

Circle Social Inc., a leader in Digital Marketing, is now making a new trend as it focuses on marketing for addiction treatment centers with a heart.  The never-ending increase of drug users and dependents who need rehabilitation paved the way to a very competitive and demanding market for addiction treatment marketing.

Opportunities present themselves for rehab facilities to use digital marketing to strategize and implement campaigns that capture trust, and get those favourable split-second decisions. Small or even the largest health and mental centers are in need of tangible results of phones ringing, callers signing up, local presence that is strong, and do away with passé campaigns that don’t work.

The expertise of Circle Social provides proven methods and strategies to ensure marketing campaigns- be it in radio, TV, prints, or direct mails- are tracked.  Data is essential and this is the best tool one can afford with the help of a dedicated team to achieve a goal. The company understands that crucial momentum when visitors search for a rehab facility, stayed but never clicked.  They provide a proven and effective marketing campaigns that cover everything for a rehab facility to get that traffic. The challenge is not in getting people to call but to make them decide to get the proper treatment.

Circle Social is dedicated in forming Rehab marketing that is ethical and focused of patients while giving rehab centers and facilities the good reputation and census most potential clients would look into, send query, and to sign up for treatment or rehabilitation. The years of experience and monies spent in various ads led the company to perfect and develop marketing systems that is HIPAA compliant focused on rehab as well as mental health. With its mantra- “Embrace, Engage, Enrich”, delivering results for both drug users and behavioural health and addiction treatment call center leads is guaranteed. 

The Man Behind the Company

Its founder and Chief Strategist & Community Builder, Nick Jaworski, is a well-travelled man who successfully built a strong name in social, a mentor on start-ups with the use of powerful tool-digital marketing. He was also an expert in running social media strategies in the corporate world long before Circle Social Inc. was founded. He has a strong drive and passion for recovery in addiction, mental health, as well as education. His devotion to his advocacy for entrepreneurship and digital marketing throughout the world was recognized by Agilience as he was listed as one of the “Top 250 Social Media Marketers in the US”.


Circle Social Inc. is a Digital/Online marketing agency located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company caters to local small and large addiction treatment and behavioural health centers across the US who are in need of powerful marketing strategies that provides result. Linking between the facilities and centers and potential clients online is what they do best.

Visit and Call 800-396-9927 or email at for inquiries.

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