UROC Announces Launch of Cancri Property Coin, the First Indivisible Crypto-coin for Real Property

The very first cryptocurrency that represents real property will witness its launch on March 1 when the Cancri Property Coin (CCP) goes on sale. The ICO also happens to be the first ever, multi-layered offering, which will end on April 30, 2018. Through the new coin, United Republic of Cancri (UROC), a Nevada corporation will thus introduce the latest layer of its UROC Secure Block.

The Cancri Property Coin is unique in that it is indivisible, and is the only cryptocurrency with this feature that represents real property. The coin will be priced for the public at $55 at the start, and will end at $100 on April 30, 2018.

“We are pleased to offer the latest layer of the ICO to public. Our aim is to bring about decentralized, incremental property ownership, along with securing peer-to-peer transactions via the new secure block technology and meta-tagging of coins,” said a spokesperson from UROC.

For those unfamiliar with the UROC cryptocurrencies, the corporation has introduced the Cancri Diamond Coin (CCD), which can be bought from its ICO at $0.85 until February 22, 2018 escalating to $1.00 until February 28, 2018. The pre-sale of CCD was priced at $0.11 and closed successfully in January.

The UROC project represents the future in many ways. It is officially the sole ambassador of the entire planetary system, 55 Cancri located 41 light years away in the Cancer constellation, and is virtualizing the property for common and business sale. ONLY 5 MILLION acres (CCP) will be offered during the ICO of its Common Real Estate on 55 Cancri E for $55.00 per acre. The offering will terminate 60 days from the date of the initial ICO. At the close of the CCP ICO, the amount of 30 Million Cancri Property Coin (CCP) acres will be offered to the public at $100 per CCP.   A virtual environment built on this space will be used for activities related to learning, interacting, gaming, e-commerce, and custom retail shops, private virtual events, ad space renting and property sales.

Another aspect of UROC is its secure block server intended to protect online assets. Asset security is of critical concern to the crypto communities given the devious presence of hackers, and the UROC Secure Block along with property decentralization will use randomized encryption technology to secure online wallets for mining pools, exchanges, digital holdings, social sites and more. With the secure block platform, anyone can securely game, trade and earn without fear.


UROC, Inc. is designing a website that will stand as a virtual representation of REAL PROPERTY located in the 55 Cancri planetary system using blockchain technology. This will be a website where members will use their customized avatars to navigate the site and cryptocurrencies to deepen their experience. While in development, we realized, multiple mining pools and exchanges are being hacked for tens of millions of dollars and people are losing faith in keeping digital assets online. The solution, UROC Secure Block. Our ICO is selling Cancri Diamond Coins, “CCD” to develop the New UROC Secure Block technology, and the Cancri Property Coin “CCP” for blockchain property decentralization. The UROC Secure Block is a randomized encryption technology structured to fully secure online wallets for mining pools, exchanges, digital holdings, social sites, and more. The blockchain property decentralization technology not only opens the door to decentralized, real property exchange but will also allow for the issuance of incremental property ownership while supporting a safe peer to peer transaction via the blockchain by attaching metadata to the Cancri Property Coin “CCP”, indivisible with liberty and security for all.

For more information, please visit: https://www.55Cancri.io

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