Entrepreneur Addresses Stigma of Racial Profiling with Empowering Statement T-Shirts

Jamaica, NY – Entrepreneur, Elvis Russell, is addressing the stigma of racial profiling with empowering statement T-shirts.

Designed by Russell himself, his T-shirts, sold on his website ProfileMeNot, feature slogans designed to give the wearer increased confidence and to bring awareness to the issues of discrimination and racial profiling. “I wanted my designs to help victims demand respect and protect their dignity,” Russell says.  “It’s a way for them to have a voice and feel empowered.”

Born in Jamaica, Russell immigrated to New York in 1977.  Upon starting his own construction and trucking company, Flex Trucking, Russell was living a life he always dreamed of.  “I was so happy to be in America where I could see all of my dreams realized,” Russell says.  “I worked hard to build a life I was proud of.”

Despite his success, however, Russell faces discrimination and racial profiling based on the color of his skin and long dreadlocks.  “People look at me as if I’m a criminal,” Russell states.  “I get many suspicious looks, as if people expect me to pull out a knife or gun.  This happens everywhere I go, even at the grocery store.  It’s really quite upsetting and distressing.”

Realizing discrimination and profiling is an extremist action that needed to be addressed, Russell developed the idea to create empowering statement T-shirts with ProfileMeNot.  “It’s an ingenious way to provoke the real offenders.  By wearing the shirts, you stir up the same amount of attention, but for a different reason,” Russell continues.  “These shirts give people a way to shut the haters up before they can even open their mouths.”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/FXzY-jXVRQ0


ProfileMeNot offers a wide selection of stylish, premium quality T-shirts with bold, eye-catching slogans created in the hopes of minimizing discrimination against people with different skin colors as well as people in the LBGTQ community.


Information about ProfileMeNot, and access to Russell’s shop, can be found at www.profilemenot.com.

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