The Much-Anticipated FutureWorks Token Soon to Hit Its First Major Milestone Today Within Just 3 Weeks of Being Released

United States – February 19, 2018 – As Dream Comet Studios closes its first ICO for FutureWorks yesterday it now is global as it is set to hit its first crypto exchange later today!

The NBA All-Star weekend is sadly over. Congrats to the 2018 All-Star MVP LeBron James. Now, it’s time to get back to business. The first ever film donation Blockchain invented by Dream Comet Studios, which received a lot of positive responses within the last 3 weeks will now be listed on ForkDelta exchange for five cents per a #FTW token. FutureWorks token will be listed approximately at 1p EST today. Some experts predict that #bitcoin will reach over $30,000 USD by the end of 2018. FutureWorks offers something truly amazing and different to the community. The founder, Anthony Daniel wants to bring movie enthusiasts and filmmakers closer than ever.

“You can actually be a part of the film that you love. Grow when they grow. Succeed when they succeed.” – Dream Comet Studios +)

#FutureWorks has a rating of 7.7 out of 10 by ICOmarks and is growing rapidly since they’ve announced the project at the end of January. Dream Comet Studios is hosting the “All or Nothing” contest, which details can be found here. In short, it offers one lucky grand prize winner a brand new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT if the total number of FTW tokens gifted is greater than 30 million, which the number is already over 1 million FTW tokens gifted within its first 3 weeks. Dream Comet Studios will be announcing its titles at the end of March that will be going into pre-production for its first year. Remember, titles made under this token will have to donate a fixed percentage back into the token supply quarterly.

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President’s day is an important day in history. Some Americans will be visiting other family members or cooking out today for President’s day. FutureWorks planned to be listed on its first exchange at a very good time. Right now, the crypto market is up and down but the FutureWorks project is self-auditing, which means FutureWorks eco system can grow on its own and will truly become stabilized. FTW tokens are better than going on other crowdfunding platforms and getting a t-shirt or something that will mean nothing in a few weeks. George Washington took a chance leading America to their great freedom. Some might not know this, but he had it all before coming back home to serve. He was a person that stood up for what was right and fair.

Today, FutureWorks plans to take a stab at making history with help from their supporters. The new film donation Blockchain technology offer a different kind of crypto experience designed to get movie lovers and filmmakers on the same page. The main focus of the project is to be able to come together to tell great stories through motion pictures. With FutureWorks, Dream Comet Studios set out to design a fun and exciting way of thanking donors and supporters all around the world using Blockchain technology for an industry that just brought in around 190-200 million dollars from the latest film released by Marvel Studios “Black Panther”.

“When we do well, you do better. It’s that simple. Now, let’s create some art!” – Anthony Daniel +)

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