Eidelman & Associates: The Best Family Law Attorneys in Allentown

Mary J.B. Eidelman, the founder of this firm has over 30 years of legal experience and a very professional staff specialized in dealing with marital and family law cases for the families in Lehigh Valley.

When affected by a family law conflict, most families undergo a very stressful and complicated period of their lives which has the potential power to affect the future of each family member.  Many factors affect family cases as a whole.  A regular family does not necessarily know about family law, and when confronted by any of its ramifications, most times they do not usually know what to do.  Also, marital law cases get more intricate every time.  The number of divorces at perhaps at an all times high.  Accordingly, many ex-espouses are on the lookout for a proper legal assistance to avoid any undesired future effects.  

That is why, hiring the assistance of a marital and family attorney may be the best measure that spouses or families may take.  The benefits of having the support of an attorney are numerous.  Among the most important ones are the knowledge and experience that they provide in and outside court.  For this reasons, families in Allentown affected by marital or family conflicts, must hire the legal services of Eidelman & Associates.  

This firm was founded by Mary J. B.  Eidelman.  This attorney has more than 30 years of experience in dealings with every sort of marital and family law cases.  Consequently, the legal staff, which she has prepared over the years, has specialized in divorce and family law.  The services offered by this firm are numerous, for example divorce, child support and custody, alimony, real estate divisions.  Likewise, more recently, this firm joined the small group of legal practices that can handle high net worth divorce cases.  With this, the special care and service offered by Eidelman & Associates is top-of-the-line.

About the success of her law firm, Mary J. B.  Eidelman said, “People throughout the Lehigh Valley trust their legal futures with our firm because our attorneys handle divorce and related family law matters exclusively.  Combined, our attorneys have more than five decades of accomplished experience in divorce and family law”.

Also, many clients acknowledge that the best characteristic of Eidelman & Associates is its “signature legal strategy”.  This allows this legal firm to focus primarily on a litigation course that has no complications or drama.  Every case is handled with the outmost efficiency, professionalism and objectiveness, a treat which is very rare in today’s society.

About Eidelman & Associates:

Eidelman & Associates is a legal firm founded by Mary J. B.  Eidelman.  It has over 30 years of experience in dealings with marital and family law cases.  Among the services provided are wrongful death, division of assets, divorce high net worth and mediation.  Its main area of action is Allentown, Pennsylvania.  

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