Employers Embrace Workplace Health & Safety Responsibilities with Safe365

February 20, 2018 – In an average year, workplace injuries and illness cost American employers over $250 Billion. Each injury arising from a workplace incident can cost thousands of dollars in direct costs (Medical, Investigations, Legal Expenses, etc.) and indirect costs (Loss of Production, OSHA Fines, Brand Damage and Goodwill, etc.).

We must also consider the substantial emotional cost of workplace injuries can have not only on the injured employee but their family, friends, co-workers and the wider community.  Governments are stepping up enforcement of health and safety regulations and convictions are now resulting in hefty fines and even jail sentences. Workplace incidents and injuries are a cost no one can afford.

Employers needed to find a solution but with the high cost of Safety Consultants and Safety Software costing tens of thousands of dollars, many small to midsized employers were left seeking a solution they can understand and afford to implement.

Enter Safe365 Intelligent Health & Safety Software. Safe365 was designed from the start to be solution focused.  The software assesses an organization’s health and safety program/policies with regulations, international standards and develops an improvement plan for your business. The system also has built-in templates and other resources to assist employers with their improvement – all for less than a $100.00 dollar per month.

What Employers are saying…

“The strength of Safe365 is that you can use it across any industry, It gives the business visibility over health and safety capability and culture which has proved elusive until now.” – Clint Hill, General Manager, Health and Safety at Unitec.

“It’s easy to use from a board perspective right the way down to an employee.” – Justin Tye, Managing Director at Exceed 

“Safe365 gives us a helicopter view of our health and safety capability and culture both internally and across our supply chain.” – Kate Coley, Executive Director, People & Quality at Hawkes Bay District Health Board

Safe365 is currently making an amazing offer. Try Safe365 for 10-days absolutely free – you do not need a credit card to sign up. Test your health and safety management system for free at http://Try.Safe365.ca  you can purchase it for $99 per month or $999.00 for an entire year. Assess your program and make improvements and then reassess. The software updates the health and safety strategy to ensure you are working on the items which will provide the most value. Truly an amazing offer but you need to act now. Clearly, understand and embrace your responsibilities, develop a workplace-specific health and safety strategy and track your progress. Safe365 Intelligent Health and Safety Software.  

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