Phoenix Custom Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Product Line Launched

“Phoenix area glaziers, Superior Replacement Windows, launches new custom glass shower enclosure product line with frameless, semi-frameless and framed designs available with various types and colors of glass.”
Phoenix glass experts Superior Replacement Windows launch new custom glass shower enclosure installation service for Maricopa County, Arizona homes and commercial properties.

Superior Replacement Windows, an award winning glazier servicing the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, has launched a new custom glass shower enclosure installation service for both homeowners and commercial property owners wishing to renovate the bathroom. The new product line and installation service includes custom frameless, semi-frameless and framed enclosures for both tubs and showers.

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Because glass showers interact with humans, tempered glass is required for use in all glass shower enclosure products. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass formed with a special secondary heating process that fractures into tiny granules when broken, forming less harmful pieces of glass. Annealed glass cannot be used for glass shower or door applications because it breaks into large shards with edges that can easily cut human or animal skin.

Superior Replacement Windows follows a strict process for measuring and estimating the price of the custom glass shower enclosure. Based on the customer’s budget, a professional glazier visits the customer to discuss the various options available for glass types, glass thickness and mounting hardware. As a general rule, custom frameless glass showers are the most expensive option and are most popular with higher end property owners desiring a luxurious look. Semi frameless and framed glass shower enclosures can be less expensive because the required glass thickness is less than frameless designs due to the supporting frame.

Glass enclosure designs are customized based on the shower or tub opening and the desired height and configuration of the shower door. Various glass types can be applied to be decorative, colored or obscure to the observer. Door handles, hinges and anchor brackets come in different colors and are made to match other hardware in the bathroom. 

Superior Replacement Windows stated, “The addition of custom frameless glass shower enclosures to our glass remodeling services comes at a time when the Phoenix real estate market is strong and renovations are on the rise.”

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