Kids can be Little Heroes When Fighting Cancer, Reveals Popular Children’s Illustrated Story, ‘A Hero in Gray’

February 20, 2018 – Children can be little heroes too when faced with adversities. The debut work by author and artist Cherie L. Braham, ‘A Hero in Gray’, brings home this important message by recounting the story of Grayson, a seven-year-old battling cancer.

Grayson is a typical seven years old who spends time in the usual, everyday things that fill up a kid’s life. He has wavy, brown hair, beams a great smile that brings out care and warmth. His little cousin sister Tay accompanies him often, and she can sing and dance and play like a princess. Grayson is really happy most of the time, but there are occasions when he is not. Unknown to everyone, he is also afflicted with cancer, and he must go through a cruel, challenging course of cancer therapies.

Children and their families caught in the web of challenging treatment regimes of cancer and other such illnesses need empowerment, so that young kids can be recognized for who they are, little heroes, who deserve care, attention, and praise from everyone around. ‘A Hero in Gray’ does this job with an illustrated story that charms its way into the reader’s heart.

With the love of his family and his community, Gray is able to fight cancer and be like other little boys! His message resounds clearly, “I am a Hero, and I fight Cancer!

“Many families and children are fighting cancer and other illnesses, we need to support and encourage them with love,” Braham stated.  “There are amazing programs like, ‘Make a Wish Foundation, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House,’ that also need our support and have many resources for families!” Braham added.

Published by Toplink Publishing, LLC, and now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from its official website, ‘A Hero in Gray’ has received popular and critical acclaim.

“This picture book is a beautifully written and colorfully illustrated story of a real child who is bravely coping with major medical treatments,” says the US Review of Books.

“This is a moving story that hits the right notes when describing Grayson’s daily challenges…. Overall, ‘A Hero in Gray’ does an excellent job of helping children put a face to the idea of living with cancer,” says BlueInk Review.

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About the author

Author Cherie L Braham is inspired by the beauty all around her, her family and friends, and flowers, birds, trees, the mountains, and especially children. By telling the story of her young nephew’s fight with cancer, she acknowledges the help and support of Grayson’s family and community, his friends, team mates, coaches, and teachers, doctors and nurses. ‘A Hero in Gray’ is her attempt to bring out everyday heroes.

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