Claude Ergas engages his business clients and friends through his Twitter handle

Feb 20, 2018 – At the press meet at their city headquarters, the Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing spokesperson announced that their CEO, as well as Cofounder, is now active on his Twitter account, where he shares interesting tidbits of his everyday life to keep his friends circle and business clients stay updated about his activities.

Twitter users can follow their favorite branding specialist when they click on the Twitter link at

The spokesperson also added that Claude Ergas loves to use several social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with his contact circles and friends. To know more about the other social media channels used by Claude Ergas, one can check out their recent press release at the link:

The spokesperson of Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing added that Claude Ergas is a veteran in the international marketing sector and is well known for offering branding consultancy services. He also makes sure that each business should pay a lot of attention towards improving brand recognition, as their customers would relate and identify their products or services with the reputation the brand gains. He has dealt with a lot of projects of several marketing companies and designing giants to help them reap a lot of revenue amounting to over 2 million.

Claude Ergas Branding always maintains the successful track record to aid the companies to achieve an improved revenue growth up to 32% for helping them stay ahead of their rivals even in the long run. As the veteran in brand merchandising and specialist in brand building, Claude Ergas makes sure that each firm gets a fair share of brand reputation and recognition within a short period of beginning a business. His top-notch branding skills help him establish the business strategies that are output driven, conducts a sales analysis that was in-depth while preparing sales volume in an accurate fashion to enhance the licensing business revenue.  

The businesses across the globe approach this international marketing expert for availing branding services for getting the full scope analysis. Businesses and individuals can get access to this contact form and they just have to fill in the contact form available at the website of Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing. Big-sized businesses, as well as, small-sized businesses, can enjoy the benefits of a perfect growth strategy and marketing plan by contacting this marketing and marketing company.

They can find more info by clicking on the business directory link at

About Claude Ergas:

Claude Ergas has achieved the reputation of being one of a kind branding consultant specialist as well as a reputed international marketing expert. He is also the CEO and Cofounder of the company, Claude Ergas Branding and Licensing. Claude has several social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook where he has active interactions with his contacts and business clients.

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