GOS Pte. Ltd. Offers Hydro Jetting Services to Clients

Singapore-based corrosion specialist, GOS Pte. Ltd., offers hydro jetting services to owners and operators of tanks and lines.

Singapore City, Singapore – Singapore-based corrosion specialist, GOS Pte. Ltd., offers hydro jetting services to owners and operators of tanks and lines.  

GOS Pte. Ltd. is a company that was built on professionalism and all their clients agree. The company’s high competence levels, knowledge, and experience could be seen in all the projects that they had undertaken. Most of GOS Pte. Ltd’s clients had given the company an almost perfect rating for its service and competency. Adek Wardiono gave GOS Pte. Ltd. a five-star rating based on his previous experience with the company. He said, “The company is very good. I will gladly recommend them to people in the maritime and offshore industry.” Sbastianz Acantara Pranata has also commended the company’s competency and agreed that GOS Pte. Ltd. is the best among its competitors.

GOS Pte. Ltd. offers their hydro jetting service to clients, especially those that need to clean and remove debris from their tanks and lines. This hydro jetting Singapore based company uses high-pressure water blasting / jetting machines of 20 to 25 kW with a pressure of 400 to 2000 bar. GOS Pte. Ltd. uses a cold cutting process where metal surfaces can be cut accurately without causing any sparks. The company’s hydro jetting services are executed by qualified and skilled pump operators and hydro blasters across a range of cleaning, surface preparation, spot repair, descaling, and selective paint stripping applications. This technique is commonly used in construction, marine, and manufacturing industries. Hydro jetting is considered the leading edge in surface engineering technology, with GOS Pte. Ltd. being one of the few companies that offer this specialized service.

Due to GOS Pte. Ltd’s specialized service, which is considered vital in the marine and offshore industry, the company has opened a new JV company in Malaysia in February 2018. With this new branch, the company will still continue to incorporate the four factors that define their capability as a reliable service company. Their technical skills, interpersonal skills, organizational powers, and team spirit has made them a difficult company to beat in this industry.  

GOS Pte. Ltd. is located at 46 Kim Yam Road #04-09 in The Herencia, Singapore. GOS Pte. Ltd. can be reached by phone at (6) 3859781, by email at info@gos.com.sg, or from their website, https://gos.com.sg. GOS Pte. Ltd. also offers abrasive / slurry blasting equipment and coatings application. The company, together with its skilled team, is able to address surface remediation and other conditions using this technique.

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