Weber Grill Parts Encourages Grill Safety This Spring

Grill enthusiasts encouraged to take advantage of safety tips as they get ready to cook this spring

FEBRUARY 19, 2018 – The team at Weber Grill Parts recognizes that grill enthusiasts everywhere will be getting ready to cook this spring, and they are announcing safety tips that grill enthusiasts can use to get the most out of springtime cooking.

For instance, Weber Grill Parts encourages outdoor enthusiasts to clean their grills thoroughly before taking their pits out for the spring. In addition, keeping a spray bottle nearby is recommended in the event of a flare upon starting a fire. If grillers are using a gas pit, they are reminded to remember that the gas should be turned on with the lid closed.

The team at Weber Grill Parts encourages grillers to keep their pits at least 10 feet away from their homes and other structures.

Gas grills should be inspected for leaks, as well as propane bottles.

Over time, grills may wear down, and the purchase of accessories and replacement parts can become necessary. The Weber Grill Parts team offers assistance in choosing many parts, especially for Weber gas grills.

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