Synthetic-made Paint Brushes from ARTacts are Irreplaceable

February 20, 2018 – Top manufacturer of art materials ARTacts proudly announce the innovation and re-launch of its unique and latest paintbrush products.

Paintbrush is known to be the finisher of any beautiful artwork; it gets the conceived right color on a drawing, human face and on any other object as it may be applied.

ARTacts -Professional Artist Paint Brush is a set of twelve quality and premium brushes for both adults and kids. Each brush in the set of twelve is actually designed to work efficiently with the specification; each of the brushes can be allocated to separate paint colors and applications.

The posh paintbrushes are made of high-quality synthetic bristles (non-animal hair) so it can hold more paint to achieve an evenly painting and maximum color beauty. These paint brushes make it easy perfectly seal the finishing of a design with an efficient face painting.

A big plus about this is the ease at which the paints can be washed away from brush after use; it only needs running water. The stylish paintbrush has been tested and proved ideal for kids and adults, using it for acrylic face painting, nail, craft art, body painting, miniatures, figurines, action figures, doll houses, coloring books leather paintings and many more.

“I got ARTacts paint brush for my kids, it’s been awesome seeing them use it on their skin without irritation, they are perfect, solid and very strong, I would recommend them for anyone who uses a paintbrush.” – Maureen

ARTacts is known for the manufacturing of products with durable designs; its latest work which is the paintbrush has been made to stand out far above international standard yet giving a lifetime guaranteed.

The aluminum ferrules are double-crimped so as to hold the bristles in the brush tight. The brush has a short, comfortable wooden handle that makes paintings of masterpiece easy.

The unique product which has been made available on Amazon is a paintbrush with a class, style and elegance.

Kindly place an order today to enjoy a great discount! 

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