The multipurpose gloves by Paw Soulz can be used for pet grooming, pet massage and more

Paw Soulz has launched the multifunctional 4 in 1 gloves for pet owners that can be used for pet grooming and massage as well as for removing pet hair from furniture and clothes. The product launched on Amazon has received good reviews from the customers so far, one of whom says, “These massaging gloves exceeded my expectations in every way! They are super comfortable to wear, they fit my hands as well as my husband’s hands because of the adjustable strap, they’re high quality and the best part – our dog (“Sugar Rey”) loves his hair brushings now. They actually relax him and remove the extra, unwanted hair! We even tried them in his bath and they were gentle with him, he loves them. I’ll be back to buy more as gifts for friends and family with pets. These Paw Soulz gloves really work!”.

The pet grooming gloves are made of high quality and innovative silicone tips that grab the loose fur. It is suitable to be used on both dogs and cats. These gloves can be used as a de-shedding brush tool to easily remove the pet’s dead hair. The user can simply put on the gloves and swipe their hands over pet’s body to collect the dead hair and throw them away. It not only makes the pets look better but also prevents shedding of the unwanted hair on furniture, carpet and other places in the house.

The unique silicone beads are also effective in providing a relaxing massage to the pets. It improves their blood circulation and stimulates the nerve endings to encourage healing and regeneration of healthier tissue. These gloves are ideal for keeping the furry friends groomed and clean. Additionally, they are much easier to use than the traditional wire brushes that are heavy, pokey and sometimes uncomfortable for the pets. Using these gloves instead will make the pets feel that their owner is pampering them.

Paw Soulz Pet grooming gloves can also be used for washing and bathing the pets. It can be used with a drizzle of water and shampoo to effectively clean the dogs or cats without having to struggle in the bathtub or sink. Furthermore, these gloves easily remove pet hair from carpet, furniture, and clothes. This product comes with 100% money back guarantee on Amazon so that the customers can purchase risk-free. The Paw Soulz pet grooming gloves are priced at the introductory offer at $8.59 and available for purchase on  The company also plans to launch several other exciting pet products throughout this year.

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