Challenge Advisory announces new partnership with Augmate.

London – February 20th, 2018 – Challenge Advisory are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Augmate, in which we will be aiding their rapid and continuing growth across our multi-service offering.

Augmate the leading providers of device management solutions for wearable technology and for bringing the power of the distributed ledger to the Internet of Things. Through their unique platform, Augmate Connect, they have developed a system that can not only provide seamless user experience clients in terms of device management, but it also affords unprecedented security in this field through the protection and power of the distributed ledger. Augmate’s solution is bridging the gap between business information systems, wearables and all of the IoT to streamline supply chain and production processes in a revolutionary way.

The partnership between Challenge Advisory and Augmate has been built around three of Challenge Advisory’s key services. Challenge Advisory are partnered to help Augmate in delivering marketing for their ICO of their utility coin, the MATETM token, talent acquisition and advisory, and funding services.

Augmate have set a hard cap of $60 million USD for their ICO, and an aim to secure $5 million in equity funding.

You can find out more about the MATETM token, Augmate’s ICO, and their unique value proposition by following this link.

Dana Farbo, Chief Operation Office for Augmate, said on the campaign, “Challenge Advisory is a key partner for helping us build the Augmate brand. We are pleased to be working with them on numerous initiatives including investor and customer outreach.”

Karveh Cavalieri, Managing Partner at Challenge Advisory, said on the partnership, “We are extremely excited to be working with Augmate. Their solutions are truly disruptive, and we have no doubt that they will grow their business into a true leader in this space.”

Chris Burns, Partner at Challenge Advisory, continued, “2018 is the year of wearables. Augmate’s solution and products will be pivotal within an overall market space that is set to expand significantly over the next 12 months.”

To read more about Augmate, their ICO and the MATETM crypto token, and their innovative solutions, follow the link by clicking here.

About Augmate:

Augmate is the leading device management solution for wearable technology and bringing the power of the distributed ledger to the Internet of Things. With Augmate, IT teams breathe easier knowing devices conform to internal security policies and protect corporate information while providing a seamless user experience for employees.

About Challenge Advisory:

Challenge Advisory is a cross-sector strategy consultancy. We provide our services through a unique, multi-entry point funnel. We have developed a disruptive and novel solution to match the calibre of the technologies and organisations that we are proud to call our clients.

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