DeepOnion Announces Exciting Launch of an Anonymous Cryptocurrency Sent Through the TOR Network

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is quite clear that a privacy-centric cryptocurrency is much needed. DeepOnion is an exceptional digital currency that uses the TOR network, OBFS4 obfuscation and the latest breakthroughs in blockchain technology to guarantee privacy and security.

February 20, 2018 – In the opinion of a considerable amount of people, especially those drawn to the support and use of cryptocurrency, privacy is freedom. This means the less outside bodies – like different governments or the banks, know about their cryptocurrency transactions the better. Unfortunately, in recent times the leaders in the space have been falling short in this area. In exciting news for those who would like a confident, trustworthy, sound and reliable alternative DeepOnion recently announced the launch of their anonymous cryptocurrency, a crypto sent through the TOR network, for maximum security.

TOR has been praised in the privacy world as being a dependable safeguard against spying and intrusion by both governments and outside of the government entities, or anyone else interested in capturing data for any number of nefarious purposes. DeepOnion is not only natively integrated with the TOR network it also OBFS4 technology which is a protocol concealment layer for TCP protocols. Its goal is to hide the message content protocol details, so all traffic appears to be random traffic.

Apart from these advanced features, DeepOnion is now available with meek. Meek is a new pluggable transport for censorship circumvention. Meek tunnels your Tor traffic through HTTPS and use a technique called “domain fronting” to hide the fact that you are communicating with the Tor Network. The excitement surrounding the DeepOnion project in the crypto and tech world is high, based on this very sound, eye-opening white paper.

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“DeepOnion is the future of anonymous cryptocurrency,” commented a spokesperson from DeepOnion. “We saw a real need for a better approach to protecting a crypto users privacy, and that’s exactly what’s being offered. By being integrated into the TOR network, DeepOnion can ensure anonymity allowing users to send and receive truly private transactions using their DeepOnion wallet. We firmly believe DeepOnion is a game changer in the crypto world.”

According to the white paper, DeepOnion has several key features and highlights that make the project unique and extremely valuable. Perhaps the most exciting of this is the thousands of people involved in the DeepOnion community, all contributing towards building DeepOnion as the premier privacy-centric cryptocurrency, using the latest ideas and promoting its concept to as many like-minded people as possible to help ensure it is a complete success.

DeepOnion introduces the use of DeepVault; an information store held deep within the blockchain which means its data is immutable forever. The value of this is that it keeps data files secure and allows verification so that users can be confident that their data has not been tampered or altered in any way, making trust in DeepOnion something that can be held certain.

DeepOnion also addresses the genuine problem the most popular of the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has experienced in transaction speed, with many Bitcoin transfers now taking close to four hours to confirm. This timeline is hardly something that is acceptable in the modern digital age but is not a problem that Bitcoin, due to the structure of its network can address. DeepOnion opens the door to quick, anonymous and secure transactions that take place in a time frame that leaves all satisfied without compromising their privacy in any way

DeepOnion’s entire network is based on TOR makes geolocating users extremely difficult, approaching being next to impossible when combined with the use of a VPN, something which is easily accessible to even casual users of cryptocurrency specifically or online services in general. Bitcoin has not been able to offer this assurance. There have been many cases where location has been able to be snooped out by authorities using a number of different means and methods. DeepOnion’s team and the community surrounding it has learned from these lessons and used them to help build a better, more sound and anonymous way to handle crypto transactions from start to finish. This approach to security and anonymity is multilayered and in the case of areas where cryptocurrency use is illegal could mean the difference between a person’s freedom and ending up in serious legal problems due to an overreaching oppressive state authority of the worst kind.

On the way from DeepOnion are two additional features.

The first is DeepSend, which is set to allow users to both send and receive untraceable payments. It will use an advanced multi-signature method that serves to conceal the transactions origin and destination. The technology behind DeepSend has been proven reliable and is already trusted by users, making its adoption not something that will be likely to face distrust. The plan is to leverage this service then develop an even more efficient version maximizing speed, trust, and, of course, further security, privacy and overall anonymity.

The next is VoteCentral, which will be DeepOnion’s way to keep community engagement at a maximum. VoteCentral will allow the valued DeepOnion community to voice their opinion and thoughts on matters of deep concern to the DeepOnion crypto world, to make sure it stays on course and at the cutting edge of all things crypto and privacy-centric. This willingness to “crowdsource” educated opinion and ideas is something which is expected to make DeepOnion not only grow organically but also benefit from the combined ability of the crypto community who have a personal stake in its success since its continued secure, anonymous nature benefits its users first and foremost.

Numerous well-regarded exchanges have already accepted DeepOnion, and that is only expected to grow with time, as word and knowledge of the project spread. Currently, these include Cryptopia, KuCoin, Bisq, Net.Exchange, Stocks.Exchange and several others.

Early feedback from the cryptocurrency community has been very positive across the board.

Impressive, recently stated in a five-star review on, “DeepOnion is a cryptocurrency that focuses on the security and privacy of its users. The DeepOnion development team natively integrated the Tor network to the wallet, and this enables us to make anonymous transactions and keep our information private. The Tor network offers multiple levels of privacy to ensure that your location, online transactions, and identity are kept entirely private. The DeepOnion community and the development team are also what make this cryptocurrency successful. Together as a community I firmly believe this will be the most prominent anonymous cryptocurrency.”

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