Qurb incorporates unique features to stand out amongst social media platforms

Online social platform, Qurb is expected to influence the future of social networking with its exceptional features and flexibility of use.

Qurb lets users know what’s happening around them, directly from their community. The social network can be downloadedon mobile devices and is currently only available on IOS.

“We see a lot of social media apps all over the internet nowadays. But none of which are like Qurb”, says a company representative, while describing the features that make the app stand out.  Thousands of users in Toronto are using it and they’re gaining traction in Dubai.

The main thing that distinguishes Qurb from other social media apps is that with Qurb, you’re not limited to receiving information from people you follow. Qurb allows you to know what’s happening in real time at any place that you’re interested in.

The developers of Qurb must have realized that people feel as connected to a location as they do with other people! So, with Qurb, there is no following or friending of other users! Users follow only locations. Once a location has been followed, the user will receive all what’s happening in that location on his timeline. The app will also notify the user about anything happening nearby.

On Qurb, users can make an announcement from where they are to theirneighbourhood, city, country or the world and they can receive recent announcements from around them wherever they go.

Usually, what people do on Qurb is to drop posts about what’s happening at a location or a description of a location (like a nice restaurant, traffic conditions, and crowded clubs… etc). Also every post expires in 24 hours so that the user knows that what he is seeing is fresh and up to date.

Users of Qurb don’t need to login to access the social platform. They just open it, click on the map button then tap on any of the red pins (a red pin means there’s a lot of posts are in that location). Once that is done, the user will see what’s happening in that location.

About Qurb

Qurb is a Canadian company that started a completely new concept in social media, they started in Toronto and in only two months, thousands of users in Toronto are using it and they’re gaining traction in Dubai.

The app is available for download on the Apple Store, via: https://97uf.app.link/FfrSjTCYGK

Media Contact
Company Name: Qurb
Contact Person: Khaled Hawasli
Email: info@myqurb.com
Phone: +971504790118
Country: Canada
Website: https://goqurb.com/