Bahtiyar Donates funds to Help People in Seven Poorest African Countries

February 20th, 2018 – A famous businessman, international investor, and philanthropist Bahtiyar donated 30$ million dollars to seven African countries: Malawi, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Niger, Sierra Leone, and Zambia. The donation will be used for different purposes. Firstly, Bahtiyar hopes that his money will be helpful to orphan children in Africa. He is also planning to improve access to education in some of the poorest regions in the above-mentioned countries. At least, 10$ million will be used to combat AIDS, malaria, and other deadly diseases in the region. Also, Bahtiyar is worried about a constantly decreasing number of cheetahs in Africa. The businessman is a famous wild-cats lover. He is famous by building dozens of animal shelters in Africa and Latin America. No wonder why Bahtiyar is giving part of his charity-money to save cheetahs. 

Poverty, deadly viruses, difficult access to education, and absence of hygiene are the main problems of African countries. Even though hundreds of different charity organizations spread billions of dollars in the region, it seems that almost none of the given money reaches its targets. Otherwise, all the above-mentioned problems would be fully resolved. Bahtiyar is one of those philanthropists who are seriously worried about people in the continent.  

This is not the first time when the founder of Bahtiyar World is helping people in Africa. For the previous five years, Bahtiyar has been making a tremendously helpful charity-work in the region. In 2016, the investor gave 3$ million to aid anticorruption programs in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Africa is not the only continent where Bahtiyar spreads his fortune to aid people. In 2015, Bahtiyar gave 5$ million to improve the life of people living in Brazilian favellas. He even visited those places without bodyguards. In 2018, Bahtiyar together with his business partners plans to give at least 50$ million to help people in the poorest African countries. 

Bahtiyar is a very successful businessman who is widely known in different business circles around the globe. He owns shares in different oil companies including Saudi Arabian Aramco. What is more, the businessman is a very popular and famous media personality. He manages a trendy male blog Bahtiyar World. The blog is managed solely by the businessman. He regularly publishes informative and thorough articles on business, online business, travel, personal development, philosophy, psychology, and other topics. 

Bahtiyar’s charity activity in Africa is absolutely private. He does not cooperate with local governments since the corruption is overwhelming in the region. Bahtiyar World, which is the main company and the most important brand of the businessman, hired dozens of volunteers and professional project managers who coordinate the charity agenda of the philanthropist. Mostly, these charity workers are citizens of the USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and other developed Western countries.

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