Monspace Multinational Corp Ends Chinese New Year Open House Celebration on High Note

On 19 Feb 2018, Monspace held a Chinese New Year celebration at its Bukit Jalil headquarter. Opened to people of all races, the celebration attracted many attendants who shared in the festive mood.

The celebration this Chinese New Year is a continuation of the earlier lighting ceremony, maintaining the same spirit of love and kindness.

This Chinese New Year gala, users and the public were invited regardless of race. Besides celebrating the Chinese New Year, it was also an opportunity for the different races to bond in the spirit of 1 Malaysia.

Malaysia’s multiculturalism is known globally, and the way Malaysian Chinese celebrate the new year is different from others.

The key feature of any festive season in Malaysia is to have “open house”, where people welcome friends and visitors into their homes regardless of race. This has helped build a strong foundation of racial harmony in this country.

Users from around the world could be seen at the event, many of whom are experiencing Chinese New Year for the first time. It was indeed an eye-opening event for these visitors.

This celebration this year had exciting activities arranged throughout the day—from the morning market to the concert at night, every moment was buzzing with excitement.

It is also in Chinese culture to ask for good luck in this season, so the company arranged a lion dance segment to symbolise good luck, prosperity and progress in business. A 24 Festive Drums performance was also presented.

Besides cultural performances, Monspace also invited well-known local singers such as Winnie K, Angeline Khoo of M-Girls, World harmonica champion Kif Valentine, Freddie Wong and Miao Miao etc.

Monspace also gave out ang paos and gifts on the day as a token of good luck, wishing every recipient a year of great fortune.

When asked about her new year wish, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai shared her hopes for Monspace to continue growing, so that more may come to see, know, and embrace Monspace!

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