A New Christian Broadcasting Television Station Has Been Launched – BGK Broadcasting Network

BGK Broadcasting Network is a new television station that aims to feature Christian programming. Their goal is to work with leaders that have a global message to share with Christians around the USA and the world.

A new Christian broadcasting station has been launched in the USA with the aim to spread the positive Christian message to empower people of all ages. The station has been launched by BGK Ministry and is called BGK Broadcasting Network.

The new station is a 24/7 online Christian television station which will feature quality Christian programming. One of the main things that make this new station stand out is their willingness to work with Christian leaders who would like to spread their powerful message. Another major factor in why this new station has become a huge talking point is their ability to allow their partners to broadcast from anywhere in the U.S. Instead of visiting a television station, the broadcast can be made from their own home, office, or even from a hotel through setting up a virtual studio.

A spokesman for BGK Broadcasting Network said: “We are the first Ministry to introduce virtual Broadcasting to our partners allowing them to broadcast from anywhere in the U.S. by setting up studios from their homes, offices, hotels, etc.”

The new online Christian station provides leaders with the perfect platform to spread their message to a dedicated audience. For those people who would like to appear on the BGK Broadcasting Network, they can contact the station via email:

alewis@bgkministry.org or by phone by calling (877) 386-6207

For more information on the new Christian television station, and to learn more about becoming a partner and spreading a powerful message, please visit http://bgknetwork.org/

About BGK Ministry

BGK Network is an online Christian TV, Christian Movies, News, & Live Events Broadcasting Station. We are a faith-based network focused on spreading the Gospel 365 days a year, 24 hrs a day, and seven days per week throughout the world.

Media Contact
Company Name: BGK Ministry
Contact Person: Min. Tiara Johnson
Email: Tjohnson@bgkministry.org
Phone: (877) 386-6207
Country: United States
Website: http://bgknetwork.org/