MGI Worldwide Global Network of Audit, Tax, Accounting & Consulting Firms Continues to Expand

Weybridge, UK – The world’s economy is becoming more complicated and interconnected than ever before. The rise of technology, communication, and globalization now means that coffee grown in Colombia can be found in New York City, or computers made in Japancan be purchased in London.Within this trajectory of multinational economies, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium sized businesses to compete with corporate giants on both a national and international scale. However, for independent firms in the tax and accounting sector,attracting subsidiaries of major multinationals and otherglobal clientele could be more attainable than they previously thought.

MGI Worldwide,, is an international network and association of independent audit, tax, accounting, and consulting firms from around the world, spanning over 80 countries, in more than 260 locations, and with some 5,000 professionals. They offer their member firms an edge in the global economy by allowing them the opportunity to make connections with like-minded firms in their local region, nationally and all over the world.

The global accountancy association and networkalso serves as a standard of excellence and resource for the member firms they serve. MGI Worldwide has been a top global accounting network since their inception in 1947, over 70 years ago and recently named the 16th top international accountancy network in the world by Accountancy Age for the second consecutive year. They are divided into eight regions located throughout the world in order to give their members the local support and guidance they need.

Many small to medium sized accounting practicesmight fail to realize the importance of becoming part of a worldwide network. Being able to link with accounting firmsthat share similar values and work with the same type of clients all over the world helps them better support clients and grow business. People have a tendency towork with people or firms that they trust and are familiar with. When firms are part of a global network,they meet regularly and have the opportunity to build close and meaningful relationships with other like-minded professionals in their region and in dozens of countries around the world.

Being part of a network is one of the best ways to help independent accountancy firms win and retain business, providing that safe pair of hands wherever their clients choose to do business. A global accountancy network alsoallows small and medium sized accounting firms to join the ranks of multinational corporations and become part of a network that spans the entire globe.

With the increase in technology and push toward globalization,small and medium sized enterprises are increasingly crossing borders, getting involved in regional and international business.  Doing business abroad is no longer the expensive privilege of large corporations.

Networking through an organization such as MGI Worldwide provides independent accountingfirmsa whole range of opportunities to retain clients and win new business. Whether a client is a multi-national group, small or medium sized entrepreneurial business or a start-up entering a new market or expanding overseas, an understanding of the local economy and business environment is essential and this is exactly where the MGI Worldwide network can prove to be extremely valuable.

As the business world evolves, MGI Worldwide is focused on developing new and better benefits to members  and the networks continued expansion promises to expand the viability and success of numerous independent accounting, tax, consulting, and auditing firms.

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