More UK Couples Skipping Venue Rentals in Favour of Marquee Hires for Weddings

Scottish Borders, UK – Event planning can be a hassle, with rentals, caterers, invitations, and finding the perfect venue and location. Of all the minute details that come with planning events, parties or weddings, the venue and location can be some of the most important. However, the venue can also be a tricky detail to consider with the various expectations for finding a location that all the guests can easily travel to, as well as something that houses a large number of people, and is beautiful and comfortable for the given event. For this reason, more UK couples are increasingly opting to forego renting permanent structures as venues in favour of marquee hires from companies such as Cheviot Rentals.

With marquee hire, UK couples are able to see a venue established in the location of their own choosing. A marquee functions as a pop-up venue but comes at a significantly lower cost than renting a permanent structure. Marquees also come with the additional advantage of being fully customisable.

Cheviot Rentals offers a wide range of options for marquee hire in the UK. Their different types and sizes of tents range from new century styles to framed pavilions. Not only do they provide large marquees for any event, they also provide furniture, lighting, and flooring. Their setups can house between 50 and 500 people, and their marquees are suitable for events during any season or time of year. They offer long-term and short-term rentals depending on the event, as well as personalised marquee packaging, so clients can find packages that best suit their budgets.

Their over 30 years of experience shows in their professional and efficient business model. Their staff helps to plan events, and competitive prices set the company apart from the rest. The commitment of Cheviot Rentals to give customers the best service possible is attested to by the numerous client testimonials on their website:

Whether it’s a wedding, a festival, or just a party, there are any number of events for which a marquee hire is preferable to a standard venue. As the wedding season approaches, more UK couples are budgeting and planning wisely with marquee hires. Cheviot Rentals has a proven track record and decades of experience in providing marquees tailored to create the perfect environment for gathering and celebrating.

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