Airwheel Smart Electric Scooters Innovate Personal Mobility

From the perspective of product positioning, companies in this industry choose a similar point: electric scooter is a short trip transport which also can be an entertainment. For Airwheel fast electric scooter, they focus on the market vacancy between driving cars and walking.

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With the product of 2 wheel electric scooter known by the public, the question showing up in front of the manufacturers is how to make more people understand the value of the product and at the same time to solve the problems of the products’ performance. Actually, the emergence of mini electric scooter is to fill in the gap of driving cars and walking. Airwheel doesn’t want to take the place of cars or walking, instead, they want to make a wearable transport that can make people “walk” faster.

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The revolutionary transport is rare to appear. The revolution of this field is the trend of the future transport. How to find the rigid demand of the mass users in the market is still the question that all the companies should consider about. But from the electric scooter market, people can see the popularity of electric scooter at the first sight. Some experts in transport field forecast that revolution of transport will appear in the future 30 years later. It may be the revolution of hardware or the revolution of transports combination with internet technology. Airwheel will seize this chance and develop its products. Airwheel’s market discipline sets us up very well for an aggressive wave of new product launches, from the initial X series electric unicycle, S series double-wheels electric scooter to the new E series and R series of electric moped bike.

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It’s easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to manage in five minutes which is known as a green vehicle of safety and being portable. Airwheel intelligent power scooter continues to use the branded lithium battery, which is safer and greener than ordinary battery.

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The green travel concept of Airwheel will be accepted by worldwide people. That work continues, and it has been complemented by changes to our design and engineering organization that have flattened the structure and created more accountability for product execution, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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