Dianne Liuzzi Hagan Releases New Book To the Mothers of the Movement, With Love

Book Focuses on Understanding Systemic Racism and Racial Inequality in America

Winston-Salem, NC – February 21, 2018 – Black communities throughout the United States have long struggled with prejudice, inequality, hostility and violence that have kept them from receiving fair and equal treatment under the law and from feeling safe where they live, work, worship and attend school. As race relations in the country continue to be impacted by divisive forces, it is important for people to understand what they can do to help change the race narrative.

Author Dianne Liuzzi Hagan has released a new book available on Amazon called To the Mothers of the Movement, With Love. The book is dedicated to the mothers of the Black Lives Matter movement and many others who lost loved ones due to systemic racism and racial bias.

The book details the stories of people of color who were impacted by police violence, racial bias and race inequality that are rampant throughout the United States to this day. The work that Dianne Liuzzi Hagan has produced is intertwined with personal stories about her interracial relationship that has endured for more than forty years. Her stories range from microaggressions to the truly terrifying, and they document the outcome of systemic and institutional racism in a personal way.

The goal of the book is to help  Americans to understand the country operates under systemic racial inequality and that equality is not about taking from one group to give to another. America can reach the ideal of equality when Americans acknowledge racism still exists and work together to change the systems that perpetuate it.

Racial inequality is commonplace in the United States. Dianne Liuzzi Hagan’s To the Mothers of the Movement, With Love will help people understand what can be done to change the race narrative.

The book is currently available on Amazon  and Barnes and Noble on their websites. Liuzzi Hagan’s website can also be explored at https://diannelhagan.wixsite.com/dianneliuzzihagan for additional information on her background and work.

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