Globally Renowned Bookseller of Millions of Books is Finally Revealing All of His Secrets

‘How I Sold Millions of Books’ by Steven E. Schmitt is a Life-Changing Book For Every Aspiring Author in The Industry

Laguna Beach, CA, USA – February 22, 2018 – ‘How I Sold Millions of Books’ is an inspiring book written by the internationally renowned Best Seller Guru, Steven E. Schmitt. The game-changing book is all about excelling in selling books and it is now available in stock on Amazon in paperback edition for only $6.95. is a globally renowned book writing and marketing service and this book is an inspiring guide for the aspiring authors and publishers worldwide.

“How I sold millions of books is a book for authors that want to sell millions of their own book in today’s competing book market,” said Steven E. Schmitt, while introducing this bestselling book. “Most authors want to learn to be successful with their own book, but they work with publishers or book coaches that have not sold their own books, which is ironic and this book will help all such authors to become successful in the industry,” he added. Steven has received phenomenal response from his clients and they have shared their stories in some of the most inspiring testimonials on the website.

According to Steven, it is not possible for a person to learn to play piano if his teacher does not know how to play piano in the first place. Several aspiring authors hire PR firms, publishers, book coaches and agents, but the people they hire have not even sold any of their own books. However, Steven’s proven bookselling techniques that are shared in this book along with his experiences will play a major role in opening the eyes of all such authors for the future.

In addition, Steven E. Schmitt has basically shared all the secret of his own success in this book, including the proven techniques of making money with the book for a long time. Moreover, he also provides telephonic consultations to his clients regarding the publication of their books. His clients are authors that come from all walks of life and have written books about every topic that can be published. This 62 page book is simply a wake up call by Steven and he is welcoming everyone to read it and get inspired.

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