Holistic Dentist San Diego, La Jolla CA, Sponsored Free Dental Day for Children

“Dr. Marvin helping a young patient during the Free Emergency Dental Day for Children.”
Dr. Marvin from the Center for Natural Dentistry finished his Children’s Dental Day and it was a success. Many families brought their kids to be helped with free dental care.

Encinitas CA holistic dentist and practice owner Dr. Marvin Pantangco, from the Center for Natural Dentistry, helped the young residents and families of San Diego, Encinitas and surrounding communities during these difficult economic times, by giving free Emergency Dental Treatment on Thursday, February 15th. 

The free dental treatments were given at Dr. Marvin’s office located at 317 N El Camino Real # 106, Encinitas, CA 92024. 

“The event turned out to be a success! We helped 9 children and performed various procedures for a total of $1,883 in free dental treatment. There were cleanings, fillings, and dental exams,” explains Dr. Marvin, adding, “These kids shouldn’t suffer from pain just because their parents are in a difficult financial situation and cannot afford oral care treatment.” 

The Emergency Dental Treatment Day was designed to treat anyone aged 13 and younger for free, whose family cannot afford dentistry for their children. 

Dr. Marvin was inspired to produce this community effort after having to witness more and more families that have to forgo dental care for their children and themselves, because they have no insurance and aren’t able to afford the cost of a dental visit.  

A mother of one patient was grateful for the opportunity, saying “I think it’s great that you are doing this.” 

According to Dr. Marvin, “Any child with a dental emergency that could not afford it, was provided with Emergency Dental Treatment for free.”  

Details of Dr. Marvin’s other community events can be found online at: http://smarturl.it/mp-fooddrive 

“In a troubled economy that affects many Americans, the spirit of giving to others is needed more than ever,” Dr. Marvin concludes. 

The Center for Natural Dentistry has a lot of information available about holistic dentistry, as well as health advice and educational articles at http://NaturalDentistry.us

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