Utrum announces the launch of its ICO for the OOT tokens

Crowd Wisdom and AI-powered platform, Utrum, announces the launch of its initial coin offering (ICO) for the OOT tokens

Utrum is a unique platform that rewards users for crypto reviews, analysis and market predictions with $OOT tokens. The first of its kind platform powered by Crowd Wisdom and Artificial Intelligence is particularly designed to help users overcome the many challenges faced by all classes of cryptocurrency users from investors to crypto developers, and even crypto analysts. Utrum has announced the launch of its ICO for the OOT tokens scheduled to begin on the 10th April 2018.

The digital currency ecosystem is a relatively young and like any other phenomenon, it will be faced with different challenges, many of which are already manifesting. The challenges are faced by the different operators in the cryptocurrency space. One of the major worries of investors in particular is the credibility of digital currencies. This worry has been brought to life, no thanks to the several digital currency scams that have hit the ecosystem in recent times. Many investors have lost their hard-earned life savings due to a lack of awareness, a trusted entity on authenticating investments, and cryptocurrency knowledge.

Utrum is however coming to change the ecosystem by helping users of cryptocurrency and other such operators in the industry to avoid scams and find quality information on different digital currencies. The unique platform uses crowd wisdom and Artificial Intelligence to provide users of the platform with quality information on different cryptocurrencies.

Utrum is the first of the its kind token sale that allows users to buy tokens using Atomic Swaps, powered by Komodo. Described as the Crypto Playbook, Utrum is a comprehensive database that contains all cryptocurrency-related products and services with details of the product, news, market analysis and background checks of team founders.

The token sale is scheduled to commence on the 10th April, with a total supply of 216 million, and circulating supply of 54 million. The ICO comes with a bonus 30 percent bonus, with 1 OOT equalling $0.12 USD. Utrum has a soft cap of $1 million and hard cap of $5 million.

The coins accepted for the ICO include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Komodo, Dash, Z-Cash, and Litecoin. More information about Utrum and the ICO can be found on Twitter and Telegram, as well as a whitepaper containing the details of the platform.

A couple of benefits accrue to holders of the token. Some of the benefits include 1-year free subscription, 5% APR reward for 8 week vesting period, and access to premium features.

About Utrum

Utrum is a platform designed to connect the different operators in the digital currency space. The platform bridges the gap between Crypto Investors, Developers, Newbies, and Crypto Analysts. The uniqueness of Utrum stems from the fact that it rewards contributors for their reviews, ratings, market predictions and in-depth analysis, creating a community-based governance model where community members will elect their representatives called “Trustees.”

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