OutdoorsHabit Reshaping the Landscape of Outdoor Guides and Gear

San Francisco, CA – A love of the outdoors is a nearly universal experience shared by individuals, across cultures, regions, countries and more. Whether it’s camping, mountain climbing, backpacking, or any other activity, individuals who partake in these activities share passion and reverence for the outdoors. However, finding a resource that can support and enhance these varied outdoor activities is rare. OutdoorsHabit aims to support the community of nature lovers by providing guides and gear reviews for a wide gamut of outdoor activities.

Canoeing, hiking, fishing, climbing, and camping are just a few of the activities that an outdoor enthusiast can enjoy. Like any true hobby, the enjoyment of these outdoor activities requires the proper gear. There are a variety of brands that each claim to have the best kind of gear for whichever activity, but consumers can be flooded with information and feel overwhelmed with features that they may or may not need.

This is where OutdoorsHabit can step in. OutdoorsHabit is a site dedicated to reviewing the top of the line gear for any outdoor activity. They aim to help make the next adventure outdoors the best one yet. They provide an in-depth look at the most popular brands by reviewing gear for the outdoors, backpacking, and camping, and compile their research in one easy to find location for lovers of the outdoors.

OutdoorsHabit is dedicated to researching all the gear that popular brands such as Osprey, Coleman, Patagonia, Sierra Designs, and even Petzl put forth each season. Often, what consumers want to know is how each of these brands stack up against one another. However, while outdoor enthusiasts want to know which gear will best support their adventuring, few have the time or resources to test each piece of gear. OutdoorsHabit aspires to meet this need. By organizing their findings into reviews, categories specific to outdoor activities, and helpful guides, OutdoorsHabit makes it much easier for seasoned and would be enthusiasts to keep updated on the best gear for their chosen activities.

Their clients aren’t just the outdoors type. Consumers who enjoy everything from a weekend camping getaway to scaling the next peak can find research on the newest gear available to help make their trip a success. OutdoorsHabit reviews a range of products from backpacking stoves to daypacks.

Many nature lovers have been helped by the extensive reviews on OutdoorsHabit. Their consistent updates and unbiased reviews provide valuable information, so consumers can easily find what kind of gear will be the most helpful for an enjoyable and successful outdoors adventure. With their guides and reviews, OutdoorsHabit is re-shaping the landscape of gear and product reviews and revitalizing the way nature lovers experience the outdoors.

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