Introducing the Credits Cryptocurrency and Mobile Mining Platform That Supports Green Energy

Denver, CO, USA – February 22, 2018 – Credits is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its Cryptocurrency and mobile mining platform that supports green energy and sustainable projects. A universal cryptocurrency, Credits has its own app which will allow users to buy, send and receive Credits with ease. Buying Credits means that users will automatically become part of the Credits community where they will be supporting and contributing to green energy and sustainable projects such as wind, solar and agricultural projects.

CEO and Founder of Credits, Luke Ingraham is a certified blockchain expert and a self-confessed Crypto fanatic. Ingraham believes that the current bitcoin system is not only highly confusing for newbies, but also slow to use. It also doesn’t support anything tangible.

“I decided that there needed to be a crypto with a purpose,” he says. “I wanted a crypto that could benefit society, something faster, easier and more fun. That’s how I came up with the idea for Credits.”

According to Ingraham, the Credits team is working on developing their own merchant technology so that merchants can cash out credits directly into Fiat. They are also working with game developers to allow Credits to be used as an ingame currency that can be cashed out. Credits LLC will also be working with online casinos and gambling losses would result in donations to support green energy and sustainable projects. 10% of the profits from the physical projects will be donated to charities with humanitarian causes.

The Credits app will include mobile mining integration, to allow the user to opt in or out. The user will earn Credits simply by becoming a part of the network, and they can then select the level of processing power they wish to allocate, between low, medium or high.

Credits can be purchased directly on the platform itself, which should result in speed, reliability and ease of use. And with cryptocurrency being so volatile at the moment, Credits holders will be at an advantage because Credits have actual tangible value. With investments in green energy and sustainable projects, Credits will consistently be earning a residual income that goes back into the Credits ecosystem.

Credits is currently in its pre-ICO stage. The team is in the process of raising funds for the project while developing an ICO contract, and the coin itself is near completion. As soon as the first round of funding is completed, negotiations with all major cryptocurrency exchanges will begin.

The crowd sale begins in March, 2018. For more information, visit the website at

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