Professional Employment Advisor Company Launches New Website For Medical Careers

Indianapolis Indiana – Health Career Labs a newly formed online company is delighted to announce the launch of their new website, created with the purpose of assisting career seekers to find their ideal job within the booming medical industry.

The company was formed in response to the growing demand from prospective employees with a passion and determination to work in the medical field. As the role and number of opportunities continue to gather pace, the choices available to career seekers can be somewhat bewildering. It is not always possible to get work experience especially in some of the more specialized fields, and so the purpose of the site is to provide guidance and information to its readers. Armed with this knowledge, a potential employee will then be able to make a more informed decision about the area of medicine they wish to specialize in. Additionally, because many potential medical employees spend time on social media, the company are also very active on Facebook. People can read their posts and interact via the Health Career Labs on Facebook Page.

“The route to a successful medical career can be both long and challenging,” said Rhea C. Nelson of Health Career Labs. “The worst-case scenario is when people invest both time and money into gaining the appropriate qualifications, only to discover that they either don’t enjoy their chosen career or that for whatever reason it doesn’t suit them. As our expertise lay in recruitment, we began to realize that this type of dilemma was regularly occurring and identified a gap in the marketplace. With the launch of Health Career Labs, we aim to become the number one destination online, for people actively seeking advice about a medical career. We have already added a significant volume of content, and have many more new articles in the pipeline. There are thousands of excellent and rewarding employment opportunities in the medical field, and with our help, people will be able to find them.”

Health Career Labs has been established with the goal of helping career seekers cut through all the confusion and quickly find the information they need to choose the right medical career for them. For more information about the company, visit their website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Health Career
Contact Person: Rhea C. Nelson
Phone: 765-257-6658
Address:232 Raintree Boulevard
City: indianapolis
State: Indiana
Country: United States