Tute-it, the decentralized platform for students and tutors worldwide launches their discounted ICO pre-sale on February 17th

Tute-it, the blockchain based platform that aims to bring a decentralized platform for students and tutors around the world has announced the launch of their ICO pre-sale on February 17th. The total number of issued tokens, called TuteCoin(TTC) is 280,000,000 and they will be available at a discounted price through the pre-sale that is going to last till March 17th, 2018. The price for pre-sale is 5000 TTC per ETH (1 ETH=5000 TTC).

The ICO main sale is all set to begin on March 29th, 2018 and end on May 10th, 2018. The total number of tokens issued will be 315,000,000 TTC and the price for ICO will be 3500 TTC per ETH. Also, if the TuteCoin ICO fails to reach a SoftCap of 450,000,000, all the funds will be returned to the investors. The company invites investors from all around the globe to join the ICO and support the smart education platform that would provide the students a new way to experience learning. As the smart education market across the globe expands over the years, the number of Tute users are also estimated to increase, in turn increasing the value of TuteCoin.

Tute-it is developing a smartphone application that would allow the students to easily connect with qualified tutors. The app, developed for both Android and iOS smartphones will provide the students an interactive and convenient platform to learn and grow. Tute-it strives to build a decentralized learning platform for the students worldwide, making TuteCoin (TTC) a major way to offer services to students and pay the tutors for the services they provide.

TuteCoin(TTC) will be used as a payment currency in the platform to make transactions such as booking and paying for the tutor, sharing study material and purchasing course material etc. The Tute-it app will also allow the students to have video interaction with their tutor using an inbuilt video chat service. The students can filter and select the tutor of their choice and pay through a secure gateway.

Tute’s purpose is the make the best quality teaching available to all, regardless of their location or background. The main idea is to use the power of blockchain technology in improving the education system and the way students learn across the globe. This platform will enable the tutors to meet tutees and vice versa. The students will be able to evaluate the tutor’s ratings and historical track record stored in the Tute-it cloud and the students will send the TuteCoin to the tutor of their choice based on their pricing for the selected course.

More information about the Tute-it platform and the ICO can be found here.

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